Global Warming Replaces 9/11 As Justification To Do Anything
Stop asking questions and just let us tax the living hell out of you, including the very air you breathe, after all - it's for the environment and we've never lied to you before have we?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Invoking September 11 has officially been succeeded by a new mantra and an excuse for the state to unleash a fresh tyranny no matter how offensive and damaging to individual liberty it may be. Global warming has replaced 9/11 as the justification to do anything!

The bellicose denouncement of global warming skeptics (that is skeptics of the man-made explanation) and their tarring as being akin to holocaust deniers, is beginning to mirror what happened after 9/11, when anyone who criticized Bush's agenda was lambasted as a traitor, a terrorist sympathizer, and completely divorced from the political mainstream.

Simply evoking the menace of global warming has become the government's justification to do anything!

Politicians are professional liars, they make careers out of deceiving people and twisting reality to fit pre-conceived agendas, yet a cascade of otherwise rationally minded people are eager to blindly trust everything they have to say about climate change, no matter how delusional it sounds.

They are also willing to comply with the ridiculous overbearing "solutions" to climate change that will just coincidentally restrict mobility and freedom of travel, regulate personal behavior, empower and expand global government and reinvigorate the surveillance state - everything Big Brother ever wanted - but surely they wouldn't lie to us about global warming to achieve it, would they?

What is more dangerous? A temperature fluctuation that has been mirrored and exceeded ten times in the last thousand years alone without any lasting impact on the eco-system, or an excuse for western governments to tighten the shackles of fascism around our ankles in the name of saving the planet?

Has not recent history alone offered proof in triplicate that governments exploit, hype and engender hysteria about monsters under the bed that the state itself has manufactured? Why should we believe them this time?

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If western governments were really concerned about climate change then they would be offering us incentives not punishments for reducing CO2 emissions in the form of tax breaks. But tax breaks aren't a giant cash bonanza for our exalted guardians of Mother Earth, the loving government, who are going to tax the living hell out of us for our own good and for the very survival of mankind, while lining their own pockets.

The Great Global Warming Swindle: A droplet of common sense in an ocean of hysteria. Watch it.

New developments this week conclusively betray the fact that global warming is a creature of Big Brother and it is being used to eliminate whatever shreds of personal liberty we have left.

- Britain's next Bilderberg-appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown says we need a "new world order" to combat climate change.

- The EU has decided to ban conventional light bulbs in every British home by 2009. So-called energy saving bulbs don't actually save much energy and contain toxic waste banned by the EU itself, but let's not start asking any difficult questions about that. Such an absurd mandate is obviously impossible to properly enforce so expect to see a tax on dirty evil light bulbs and regular home inspections by wardens (contracted out to electric companies and meter readers) of the state to check on Winston Smith's compliance with green law.

- Since humans produce carbon dioxide by breathing, surely the sensible thing to do would be to tax the air we breathe? There's actually a discussion of it. The New York Times ran an editorial last week calling on the government to impose a carbon tax on humans for the air we breathe!

Taxing the air we breathe! Can we now not agree that hysterical control freaks have seized the reigns of the global warming debate?

The idea of taxing the air we breathe has for decades been a satirical allegory of government control but now it's becoming a reality, because global warming is the new justification to do anything!

Global warming also acts as a convenient veil for the real environmental crimes that will continue on behalf of the mega corporations and scientific establishment that are in bed with the very government imposing draconian measures on us in the name of the environment. While we are forced to subsidize our own air supply, GM contamination, toxic waste dumping, bizarre cloning mad science, and the destruction of the rain forests will continue apace while we are still being lectured about light bulbs and beer bottles.

There's no time left for a debate they tell us - we don't want to hear about the medieval warm period, we don't want to hear about how temperatures dropped as carbon emissions increased for four decades from the 40's to the 80's, we don't want to hear about how the troposphere shows no build up of greenhouse gases, we don't want to hear about sun activity and its direct correlation with climate change, we don't want to hear about arctic ice samples showing how CO2 lags behind temperature increase - because global warming is our justification to do anything and we are going to do it whether you like it or not!



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