Was The British-Iranian Hostage Crisis Staged?

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Many of you may be rightly highly suspicious of the timing of all this.

Evidently it appears that there is far more to this so called British hostage capture crisis than what has thus far been reported by virtually all of the MSM.

In a very revealing analytical studio commentary on The BBC's Newsnight programme last night: Diplomatic Editor: Mark Urban demonstrated to Host: Jeremy Paxman: that the video footage released by the Iranians yesterday - of those 15 British service personnel being "captured" - seems to have been FAKED in large part!

He also went on to illustrate how viritually inconceivable it is that such an event (like the alleged "ambush" of British Military personnel by the Iranians) could actually happen: given the fact that the area of water where this event supposedly took place was well within the Radar Scope of HMS Cornwall (not to mention a whole host of other vessels: WHICH WERE ALL MYSTERIOUSLY ABSENT at the moment when the Iranian interception party appeared on the scene!)

From this both he & show Host Jeremy Paxman conclude that The Royal Navy were (at the very least!) grossly negligent in their duty of policing The Shat Al Arab/International Waterways (hence their clamour to blitz the Media with "evidence" of their "innocence".)

It is when one considers the implications of what The BBC are getting at (but not saying directly!) that one realizes this entire thing may have really been a deliberate SET UP: i.e. either a TRAP laid by The British for The Iranians to fall into, or (even more mind bogglingly!) a TRAP laid by The British AND The Iranians (together with everyone else within The NWO Club) for The World to fall into!!!

Watch the requisite report from the aforementioned Newsnight programme, and judge for yourselves:


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