Newspaper Fakes Story Of Actress' "Apology" Over 9/11 Comments
Despite hyperbole and media-contrived "anger" after statements, Cotillard will not apologize for expressing viewpoint held by majority of Americans

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, March 3, 2008


Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has refused to yield to a non-existent media-manufactured "outrage" and recant her comments about 9/11, as some newspapers falsely claim that she has "apologized" for discussing the collapse of the WTC complex and sharing doubts about the official story held by the majority of Americans.

Under the headline, Marion Cotillard U-turns on 9/11 conspiracy, the London Telegraph claims that the French actress has been, "Forced into an embarrassing climb-down after accusing America of fabricating the 9/11 attacks."

In actual fact, Cotillard merely said that she regretted the fact that the comments had been taken out of context by the media, and in a London Times report re-affirms her original statements.

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"The actress's agent, Bastien Duval, told The Times that Cotillard, who charmed the crowd with her emotional acceptance speech after winning her Oscar, was "still in shock" at the angry reaction to her comments in the United States," reads the report.

But the newspaper fails to point out where such anger is being expressed aside from Internet comments made by New York Post readers - a notorious Neo-Con rag read by a combination of unsophisticated meat-heads and vacuum-headed celebrity gossip junkies.

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Duval also told The Times, "She hopes that the Americans will have enough distance to understand, but her career is not just American. She can make films everywhere."

Which is basically a big "f**k you" to the media-generated controversy about comments made a year ago, and a response to the holier-than-thou attitude of the minority who still cling on to the fairy tale of the official government version of 9/11.

For the Telegraph to claim that Cotillard "apologized" and backed down on her stance is a completely manufactured story. They have cherry picked and cropped a segment of a quote about the media taking things out of context and, low and behold, taken it out of context!

The establishment tried a similar dirty trick a year after Charlie Sheen went public on his 9/11 doubts - making it appear as if he had recanted when in actual fact he stood by his position all along.

To re-iterate, the fact that Cotillard expressed a sentiment that is shared by the majority of Americans, along with hundreds of intelligence experts, former Presidents and the Parliaments of major countries, does not make for a controversy - it only highlights how contrived this whole spectacle really is - and how dumb the smear machine is for failing to employ a crude debunking tactic and succeeding only in placing 9/11 truth back in the public arena.

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