Soldier tells mom: My goal is to come home with my legs

David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Raw Story
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday marks the five-year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, ordered by President George W. Bush.

A CBS affiliate in Miami reports on one mother, Christie Deminico, whose only child is stationed in Iraq.

Her 26-year-old son, Bryan, has been in Iraq for nearly a year. Only three weeks into his stay, his platoon was ambushed. "That was their first taste of reality," reflected DeMinico.

"Sadly," said reporter Liv Davalos, "it's a reality that families all over the county have experienced in the last five years of this war. So far, nearly 4,000 Americans have died and nearly 60,000 have been injured." Many come home missing limbs.

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Deminico, who helps collect letters and care packages to be sent to area troops in Iraq, says her son told her on the phone, "Mom, my goal is to come back with my legs."

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