Jannati: US backs terrorists in Iraq

Press TV
Friday, March 28, 2008

A senior Iranian cleric has called the US the biggest terrorist in the world, accusing it of supporting terrorist organizations in Iraq.

"Five years of Iraq's occupation brought nothing but misery and loss for the American and Iraqi nations. The occupation has left one million Iraqis killed and 2-3 million others homeless. The US has seized the administration of the country's affairs from the Iraqi officials and does not allow the democratically elected government to serve the nation," Tehran's interim Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said.

The US has invariably failed to achieve anything from interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, the Ayatollah said, calling on Islamic states and organizations to adopt a firm stance on the occupation of Iraq and its dire consequences.

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The cleric also praised the massive participation of the Iranian nation in the recent parliamentary elections, saying that despite sanctions and resolutions against the Islamic Republic, the elections were held in an appropriate and orderly fashion.

"The Iranian nation is well aware of the fact that the US has only its own interests in mind when it bothers to make statements," noted the senior cleric.

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