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The B-LIAR Mafia Kills Another Newspaper

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | May 14 2004

BBC: Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked following pressure over faked photos of soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner.

And so the attack on daredevil British journalism continues.

The B-LIAR mafia have eliminated one of the few remaining media outlets that dared to question this blood-soaked, lying gang of criminals.

We're no better than Russia, where papers who criticize Putin are raided and shut down on a monthly basis.

We're no better than Iraq, where newspapers that dare to criticize 'the liberators' are shut down, even bombed, for daring to report the truth.

We see the same tactics used on both sides of the Atlantic. Two days after the Abu Gharib torture photos were released, the CIA flooded the Internet with fake rape photos taken from porn websites. So when the actual military report stated that rape did take place, the Neo-Con media junta could discredit and deny it. The Boston Globe inexplicably published these photos days after they were known to be a hoax and then staged-managed an apology, which garnered great attention. Printing the photos and then apologizing was a theatrical set-up to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the body politic for future release of new photos and allegations.

Same deal with the Brits.

Despite numerous military eyewitnesses coming forward to say that beatings had taken place, the circus revolved around these few photos. As the general public only gets surface level propaganda, these fake photos now automatically mean any other allegations or proof of torture must also be fake.

To the 50% of truly beyond the pale dumber than a box of rocks 'Tonight With Trevor McDonald' viewers who still think Osama and Saddam are the same person, this vindicates what they knew all along, the war was good and anyone who says otherwise is lying!

And of course, ITV are rolling around in pure joy at the denunciation of these photos as fake. The same ITV that HOAXED the 1992 Bosnian 'death camp' photos that were jumped upon by the world media juggernaut to justify bombing the Serbs.


Piers Morgan still maintains that the photos were real, which begs the question, why was he sacked?

The Mirror used to be a big Labour mouthpiece but in the last couple of years its direction had changed towards a more populist stance. The Mirror was at the forefront of investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana.

It also relentlessly exposed the lies behind the terrorist attack we call 'Gulf War 2,' carrying the piercing articles of Australian journalist John Pilger.

This follows on from the Hutton report where the BBC was blamed for concocting a story about the unreliability of the government's WMD dossiers (the same ones plagiarized from 12 year old student essays). The 'inquest' - which was a smokescreen to prevent a real investigation into the fact that Dr. David Kelly was murdered, vindicated B-LIAR who, before the inquiry had even began, told the media that he 'already knew what the outcome would be'.

B-LIAR has several more upcoming 'inquests' where the people HE APPOINTS will absolve the government of any blame over anything that ever happened in history ever. Like the Lord Butler WMD inquiry, chaired by a man who once publicly stated that 'lying was good government'.

The Mirror won't be the last victim of Blair's 'seek and destroy' policy. Any newspaper or news channel that dares to criticize these enemy combatants will face the full vexation of Big Brother.

As ever though, we're one step ahead of these boneheads.

People were already turning off to the mainstream media anyway. This will only drive more people our way.

The truth will out and these mobsters will face justice.

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