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Exclusive New Bohemian Grove Photos

Prison Planet | May 11 2005

We received these covertly taken Bohemian Grove photos from a reader.

We cannot divulge the circumstances in which these photos were obtained but hope to do so in the near future.

The shots were taken recently and show various spots of the elite compound, including the staging area for the ceremony and the Molech idol.

Click on the images for enlargements. More links to Bohemian Grove information follow the photos.

General purpose building with the owl perched atop.

One of the Bohemian Grove trucks used to transport guests around the camp during ceremony season. Alex took a ride on one of these in the documentary.

The staging area for the ceremony and Molech, the 50 foot owl idol to which the elite make a mock sacrifice once a year. He's looking a little overgrown, they'll have to get the trimmers out before July (maybe part of the reason why they're hiring more staff).

A wider shot of Molech and an employee sweeping the area in front of the staging.

The Grove is divided up into different camps where different groups of elite families stay during ceremony season. This is the Woof camp, of which James Baker III is a resident. Cliff Dwellers, Moonshiners, Silverado Squatters, Zaca, Toyland, Sundodgers, and Land of Happiness are other camp names. The Bushes are in the Hillbillies camp.


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