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Where's The Media Retraction About Mr. Al-Qaeda Number Three?
The terrorist they didn't catch but tried to fool the American public with a spelling mistake

Paul Joseph Watson | May 18 2005

This website has documented many times before the fact that whenever an arrest of a high level terrorist suspect is announced in every single case they’re either dead, they’ve already been arrested or they pop up a week later in a different country.

In the case of this latest arrest the US government has successfully hoodwinked the entire nation into believing that a person is someone they’re not.

He was presented to us as Al-Qaeda number three, closely associated with bin Laden, someone who had recent contact with bin Laden and someone who could lead us to bin Laden.

Fox News revelled in it for days, another sign that Bush is winning the war on terror. I watched the snivelling Neo-Con John Gibson’s show and they had government officials and current CIA agents on snickering about how they wished they were in the interrogation room with the Pakistanis so they could torture this guy.

And it turns out of course that our friend Mr. Al Libbi is not Al-Qaeda number three at all. The London Times described him as among the flotsam jetsam of the organization.

Al Libbi is spelt L I B B I and the real Mr. Al Libby is spelt L I B B Y – so on the basis of a misspelt name this flotsam jetsam becomes Al-Qaeda number three, becomes a justification that the war on terror is real in the first place, becomes justification that Bush is winning the war on terror and that sacrificing our rights is working, becomes justification for renewing the Patriot Act and becomes part of the script they’re working on for when they capture their friend Osama.

All that on the basis of a spelling mistake and yet the American people are none the wiser because it’s only in the European newspapers.

We’re going to be hearing about the Newsweek retraction about the Koran story for weeks. Where’s the retraction that they captured Al-Qaeda number three? Because they didn’t.

They captured a nobody with a similar sounding name.

They have to keep faking these arrests because people are starting to get wise and ask a simple question - if we’re in a war on terror then why haven’t we been attacked for four years. Ah... because we’re winning of course. We’ve smoked them out and got them on the run.

When they bring out Al-Zarqawi it will be the reward for staying the course in Iraq, for re-upping the stop loss because we caught the killer. And no one will mention that major newspapers all over the world keep reporting he’s either been killed or captured over and over again but the Pentagon pays no attention to it because if he’s going to be captured then he’s going to be captured by them and no one else.

They need the gas mileage that staged capture will give them to stay in Iraq and establish the military bases needed to launch the attack on Iran.

It’s all theatre, all the time.

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