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Intelligence Sources Say Bilderberg Targeting Patriots
Oil Prices To Double, Global Tax Pushed

Prison Planet | May 28 2005

Daniel Estulin is award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 13 years. Estulin was one of only two journalists in the world who witnessed and reported (from beyond the heavily guarded perimeter) the super secret meeting at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel in Rottach-Egern, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, on May 5–8, 2005.

Estulin appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss Bilderberg's agenda for the coming year and their discussions on Iran and population control.

This is the most disturbing information to come out of Bilderberg in years and we cannot stress enough how serious this data is.

Estulin has worked closely in covering Bilderberg with Jim Tucker of American Free Press. Tucker has built up a credible reputation for accurately forecasting future events based on what his spies leak him from Bilderberg conferences.

For example, in mid-2002 the media, political pundits and self-proclaimed intelligence analysts were certain that the Iraq invasion was due to take place that summer or autumn at the latest. Jim Tucker was adamant that the attack had been delayed until early 2003 because that is what Bilderberg had decided on. Tucker reported this in his article Bilderberg Split on Iraq War.

Estulin and Tucker have many of the same sources and both have stated that Henry Kissinger told Bilderberg attendees that oil prices would double over the next year. The global tax that Bilderberg has long yearned for was also discussed again.

The attack on Iran seems to have been delayed but the goal of population reduction is back on the table for the Globalists, according to insiders who leaked information to Estulin.

Estulin (pictured) has built up a reliable network of CIA, MI5 and Mossad insiders who are just as horrified as the rest of us about what the elite have in store for us.

Each year they are able to leak him information discussed both in the Bilderberg conference rooms and more informal chats during coffee and cocktail breaks.

This year Estulin dropped a bombshell that shocked even us.

According to Estulin's sources, Bilderberg are very angry at the alternative truth movement and its opposition and exposure of Bilderberg's agenda. More specifically, the Christian Patriot movement in America was highlighted as a nuisance that will have to be dealt with.

Bilderberg members postulated the necessity of wiping out American patriots who oppose the New World Order.

Some Bilderberg members expressed a wish to essentially invade the US with UN peacekeeping troops and confront Patriots. Bilderberg can't use the US military to carry out their dirty work because they are worried it would backfire as US troops would refuse to fire on their own citizens.

Many in the Christian Patriot movement have been saying that this would take place for a long time and have been ridiculed for doing so. However, this information lends credibility to an age-old warning handed down the generations, that one day the blue helmeted forces of world government would engage patriotic Americans sworn on defending their country.

The fact that we are causing Bilderberg so much annoyance in the first place should bring joy to us all! It only emphasises the fact that we are having a significant effect and should only redouble our efforts.

Estulin added that the security crackdown for Bilderberg this year was worse than ever. He almost didn't make it into the country after police and Interpol agents boarded his plane and lead him away for questioning. Estulin was able to shake them off by enlisting the help of his media contacts, who pressured the German government into letting him enter the country.

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