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Exposing The Real Racists In The Immigration Debate
"Day without gringos" sums it up

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 3 2006

The Associated Press encapsulated the sentiment of the immigration protesters in the first sentence of its report yesterday in stating that the boycotts were characterized as a "day without gringos."

Imagine what the reaction would be if white middle class Americans marched in their millions and called the event "a day without blacks." But it isn't going to happen because ours isn't the racist side of the immigration 'debate'.

The real racists and ringleaders of this week's demonstrations are extremist adherents to the militant La Raca philosophy. Their Mein Kampf is a plan to ethnically cleanse America of whites, blacks and dissenting Hispanics, leaving just the 'super race' to install the mythical kingdom of Atzlan.

Sound bizarre? We have laboriously documented this open call for genocide on the part of Hispanic extremists on multiple occasions.

Lou Dobbs was correct in saying that radical groups were behind the protests but to identify ANSWER, a milquetoast socialist anti-war group as the kingpin is misleading. The real protagonists are the violently hateful and racist la reconquista outfits that seek to completely marginalize and brutally oppress white and black Americans while seizing control of the entire southern and western states of America.

However, he was spot on in highlighting establishment media spin that this was something other than illegal immigrants demanding amnesty and wide open borders, a demand the Bush administration has done its best to implement every step of the way.

Try walking over the border into Mexico, a corrupt police state hellhole that the demonstrators seem to think is all milk and honey. If you make it past the feverish Mexican military, armed los Zetas paramilitary forces and drug running gangs of every description that are killing American citizens, border patrol and police on a weekly basis, try hiring a car, try opening a bank account, try getting a job, try staging a protest. At best you'll be immediately deported, at worst you'll be beaten to death.

Borders don't just protect the security of a country, they protect its fragile economy. The illegals' zeal in causing America's race to the bottom will ensure second world status and the dollar will cease competing with the Euro and begin worrying about staying above the peso.

If dumbbell liberals who don't understand that it is a Neo-Con agenda to create the justification for mass amnesty want to see their trendy cocktail bars and Starbuck's coffee shops replaced with slum houses and ghettos then they should continue to support the actions of a horde of rioting criminal racists.

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