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Universal Admits Defeat, Removes Flight 93 Forum
Crescendo of dissent on official fairy tail leads to wiping of website

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 4 2006

Universal Studios has admitted defeat in its efforts to re-package the official 9/11 fraud and has completely deleted its own forum after the website was hijacked by individuals posting truthful information about what really happened to Flight 93.

We previously reported that Universal's forum moderators were deleting entire threads in real time deeming them, "inappropriate."

The website had been turned into a battle ground for countering the Flight 93 government apologist propaganda being regurgitated in an impetuous lunge to give credibility to a tale about as reality-based as Humpty Dumpty.

Now a visit to the website only returns the text, "There are no message boards currently available."

The fact that Universal took the decision to remove the entire forum suggests they were concerned that people voicing alternative explanations behind 9/11 and attacking the government version of events was harmful to the reputation of the film, proving again that Flight 93 was produced, in addition to making hundreds of millions of dollars, to negatively reinforce the official 9/11 orthodoxy.

Polls on the website returned results of 80% believing a government cover-up behind 9/11.

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The Stop The Lie website highlights one exchange with a debunker that illustrates how the forum portrayed those opposing anything other than the official story as ignorant and ill-informed.

"Those challenging the official account were mostly polite and articulate. -They laid out well-reasoned arguments and produced references to back their assertions. The defenders of the "Official account" on the other hand were habitually rude and inarticulate. They laid out poorly reasoned arguments and relied on pejoratives to back their assertions."

"For instance, a post about the importance of the Northwoods Document was made. One of the boards "Official theory" defender's considered this a sufficient response:

"It never happened; people got fired, next-"

I replied:

"The relevance of the Northwoods Document is: It irrefutably establishes our government WOULD openly conspire to not only provoke and allow an attack (to further an already established military agenda) ...they'd actually manufacture the entire event."

"Perhaps equally important: If the plan hadn't been made public, the same type of people who blindly accept whatever the government says would be calling the Northwoods Document an "urban legend" spun by kooks, loons, and moonbats."

" -Worse, if it had been enacted, the government groupies would have bought the official account hook, line, and sinker."

The removal of the Flight 93 forum can be marked down as a victory for the 9/11 truth movement. Just as the San Francisco Chronicle had to issue a major retraction to a badly researched 9/11 hit piece, so overwhelmed were Universal with the crescendo of dissent, the majority of it sent by way of big alternative websites encouraging people to participate, that they were forced to retreat and pull the website.

Flight 93 is a badly researched hit piece on the reality of what happened on the day and an insult to those who lost their lives and their families.

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