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"I am Not a Number I am a Free Man"
Will the return of The Prisoner to TV prompt a new generation to question reality?

Steve Watson | May 5 2006

British TV channel Sky One today confirmed plans for a big budget remake of cult 1960s classic The Prisoner, with former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston expected to take the lead role.

The original series was way ahead of its time in exposing the globalist agenda and the coming emergence of a big brother surveillance society.

The lead character in the original, played by Patrick McGoohan, was a British government agent who mysteriously resigned and was subsequently abducted and re-located to the nightmarish cosmopolitan community known as the "village" on an unknown island.

Number 6, as McGoohan's character was dubbed, was informed that he was there because the information stored in his head had made him too valuable “outside.” Thus, Number 6 was a prisoner, although his prison was an idyllic setting with parks, green fields, recreational activities and even a butler.

Every week Number 6 , was grilled in a variety of ways for information. Methods included psychometric brainwashing, implanting false memories and manufacturing phony situations to trick him into cracking. McGoohan's character would try to escape most weeks, only to be pursued by a huge drones and brought back to the village.

The program was an attempt at forewarning against the accelerating relationship between science, technology, and tyranny, and how it would be used to enslave a docile population concerned only with mindlessness and convenience.

Residents in the village have been turned into rotting cabbages, encouraged not to think for themselves and expressly informed that they are constantly under surveillance and that there is no way out of the village. The majority have simply accepted this in favour of a simple, carefree existence.

The hierarchy of power was represented by a glowing pyramid with an all-seeing eye in the center of The Village control room. Meanwhile the identity of the mysterious Number One, the overlord was never ultimately revealed.

In addition to 24 hour surveillance, loud speakers all around the village would inform residents when to awake and when to sleep and what mundane activities were on offer that day.

Common phrases among residents included the loaded "Be Seeing You", and "A still Tongue makes a happy life".

The climax of the series saw McGoohan escape the prison of The Village and re-enter society only to discover that society itself was the prison and that, in his words, "freedom is a myth."

The Prisoner is especially relevant in today’s advertisement-driven, image-preoccupied, television-saturated, surveillance dominated, frenetically hustling consumer society that is propelled by post-9/11 paranoia and fear and dominated by government scare tactics.

Just as McGoohan was referred to as a number and not a man in the village, so too will we get our own number with our ID card and our entry onto the biometric database in the UK. Are we to allow ourselves to be "pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered"?

The database will contain electronic "biometric" eye scans and fingerprints as willing volunteers line up to lick the boots of the government who promise to keep them safe by taking scans of their eyeballs. The government itself has admitted that the information WILL NOT keep us safe from fraud and identity theft, nor will it prevent terrorism.

Furthermore, the British government has passed legislation to make every offence arrestable. Every suspect arrested, even if proven innocent, has their DNA added to the criminal database and stored forever in perpetuity.

Will the new series of the Prisoner address such issues within the village and relate them to the wider world, encouraging us to question the control mechanisms placed upon our society after 9/11, or will it simply be a big budget pro-state propaganda tool such as 24 or Threat Matrix?

Will it once again encourage the masses to scream "I am not a number, i am a Free man!", or will it be simply be another one of the mindless distractions that the original series warned would kill off individuality and free thought?

Be Seeing You.

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