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Blackout On Violent Illegal Alien Invasions of Schools, County Buildings, Stabbings In Santa Ana
Government buildings locked down during protests in fear of attacks

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | May 4 2006

The media has portrayed the immigration protests as orderly and peaceful yet in Santa Ana California alarming reports have emerged of illegal aliens swarming around in mobs invading schools, carrying out violent beatings and in one incident a county worker had a Mexican flag plunged into his chest.

Latino Americans For Immigration Reform spokeswoman and senatorial candidate Lupe Moreno appeared on The Alex Jones Show to discuss the two incidents.

She first described how on March 27th how a group of rioting Mexicans ran into a local Santa Ana high school and attempted to tear down an American flag. The school police and a police SWAT team had to stand guard to prevent the youths from getting to the flag. This story received no mainstream press coverage whatsoever during the first wave of immigration demonstrations.

Moreno said that the Mexican consulate had penetrated Californian schools with books teaching Hispanics that the American flag is a symbol of the enemy.

County workers in Santa Anna looked out of their windows on May 1st to see Mexicans beating other county workers and police before they rushed towards the government building and stormed it, stabbing one worker with a Mexican flag in the process.

Moreno described the stabbing as seen on a video tape of the incident.

"The men start running and then you can see all these people, and they weren't just kids, some adults and the kids were behind them, but you can see this guy chasing this man down and he plunges the stick of his flag pole into this man's chest."

In all, illegals had broken into five government buildings in the area, causing the county to take the decision to lock down all government buildings during planned demonstrations.

"Why are we letting this happen? It's like a trojan horse, they come bearing gifts to kill us," said Moreno.

"Our country is in serious serious trouble. My children do not want to live in the city they were born in anymore because we have been taken over so badly. 78 per cent of my neighbors are illegal aliens."

Why hasn't the media reported on these violent attacks and stabbings? How many more similar incidents have occurred without receiving any coverage whatsoever?

Moreno said that government workers were afraid that more attacks would take place to coincide with future immigration demonstrations.


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