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Tancredo Speaks Out on US Surveillance of Minutemen

Sher Zieve / TCV | May 11 2006

On Tuesday, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) condemned the US policy of informing Mexican officials of the location of the US citizen Minutemen group’s locations. As a matter of course, the US Border Patrol has been charged with advising the Mexican government. Divulging the group members’ locations aids Mexico in rerouting illegal immigrants’ entry into the United States, via its Southern border.

Although the US and Mexican governments say that they want to ensure that the illegals’ “human rights” are observed, there has not been any verifiable instance of any member of the Minuteman Project affecting violence on any illegal alien. Rep. Tancredo commented: “The Mexican military doesn’t exactly have a ‘good government’ reputation. The Border Patrol has documented more than two hundred incursions into the U.S by the Mexican military, and Texas sheriffs even apprehended Mexican government vehicles that were used to ferry drug runners across the border. By tipping off Mexico’s military to the Minutemen’s location, the U.S. government is asking for trouble.

“Heavily-armed military officials stationed only yards from civilians are at least intimidating. I can only surmise that the Border Patrol bureaucrats’ spying is meant to have a chilling effect on the Minutemen’s recruitment of more volunteers. The Minutemen haven’t been accused of breaking the law. Quite the contrary—they have gone out of their way to aid law enforcement and ensure the safety of our border. The U.S. government has no grounds upon which to stifle the Minutemen’s constitutional right to organize. I want to know the legal basis for CBP informing a foreign government of the activities of private citizens who are obeying the law.”

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