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Blair's Legacy: Choking Every Freedom We Ever Had
Relentless strangling of human rights hasn't stopped yet

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 15 2006

Since Tony Blair took office in 1997 he has presided over the complete implosion of every fundamental human right in Britain that one would expect to hold in a free society.

The following liberties have all been extinguished.

- Freedom of speech: Under the 'glorification of terrorism' law the government can loosely define any political opinion as glorification of terrorism. College professors could be arrested for talking about Palestine. Comedians could be arrested for making jokes.

- Freedom of assembly: Under the Serious Organised Crime Act protesters need government permission before they can arrange a demonstration. This is like going to see your doctor, finding out he is killing people, then asking his permission before you can tell the rest of the people in the waiting room.

- Habeas corpus: For ever increasing lengths of time the government can impose control orders and lock up anyone they wish without charge.

- Guilty until proved innocent: Every offence is now arrestable in Britain and this includes dropping a cigarette butt on the street. For every arrest a DNA record of the accused is kept on a government database forever. Curfews are expanding to include children of higher and higher ages.

- Right to privacy: A national ID card is set to be introduced to register and catalogue the details of every British citizen. Its function will be expanded to include information on a person's political identity and every other facet of their life.

- Trial by jury: Blair has abolished the 800-year-old tradition of the right to trial by jury. Trials likely to last over 3 months can be heard by a single judge.

Blair isn't satisfied with what he has destroyed to date and now seeks to amend his own human rights law in order to allow the government to veto court rulings. This follows the introduction of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, which would allow the government to make any law it wished without a parliamentary vote, in essence legalizing a dictatorship.


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