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Race Riots Brewing In America?

Prison | May 16 2006

A shooting at a waffle house in Asheville NC after an argument about immigration between a group of whites and hispanics could be one of the first incidents in a brewing race war in America as a result of increased uneasiness in light of the recent demonstrations.

The Asheville Citizen Times reports,

ASHEVILLE – A parting gunshot from a vehicle leaving Waffle House in West Asheville shattered a window and caused a minor injury, police said.

The shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. Saturday after a group of whites argued with a group of Hispanics at the 24-hour restaurant on Smokey Park Highway, Asheville police Lt. Wallace Welch said.

“The two groups were jawing back and forth with each other over citizenship issues and whatnot,” Welch said.

As the Hispanic group drove off, someone in the vehicle fired at least once into a large window near the front door, he said.

Whether from a ricocheted bullet or flying glass, Welch said, one man’s arm was bleeding when police arrived. He declined medical treatment.

Police were looking for a white Dodge Intrepid that left the restaurant going west.

The Times website includes three 911 calls related to the incident.

In one of our earlier articles we highlighted previous plans to use race riots as a pretext for rounding up people and taking them to internment camps.

The brutal La Reconquista movement, of which the immigration protests are a front, are hell-bent on destroying the American way of life in order to erect their mythical kingdom of Atzlan.

If whites had been responsible for violence against Mexicans it would be all over the media for days.

The media failed to report the fact that in one Santa Ana town, the immigration demonstrations coincided with violent illegal alien attacks on government buildings and one incident where a county worker was stabbed with a Mexican flag.

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