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TV Networks to Show Footage Of Plane Hitting Pentagon

Prison | May 16 2006

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We are getting calls saying that news networks are about to show footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon from a Pentagon car park camera.

World Net Daily reports that a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information request led to the Pentagon agreeing to release the footage.

During the Moussaoui trial, it was reported that jury members were able to see the footage and that they have now agreed it can be released.

9/11 skeptics have asked why the government has not released any footage of the plane from numerous different camera sources in the area.

They argue that physical evidence does not indicate a large commerical airliner struck the building.

Others contend that Flight 77 was made into a deliberate honey pot to distract and discredit the 9/11 truth movement.

We will continue to track this and post updates as soon as they arrive.

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