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New Pentagon video shows no Boeing airliner | May 18 2006

Following Freedom of Information Act lawsuits dating back to 2004, the Pentagon Tuesday released images recorded on the morning of 9/11 by two security cameras in the Pentagon parking lot. Five frames from one camera had previously been leaked in early 2002. No Boeing 757 airliner is apparent in any of the images.

The federal government had been using the Zacarias Moussaoui trial as an excuse to keep the images classified. The images were shown to jurors at the trial. 25% of the heavily-screened, pro-FedGov jury were not horrified enough by the images to lynch the retarded colored Frenchman on trial.

Whatever speed the cameras actually recorded at, the released video only contains two frames per second. The five frames of interest from one camera were previously released in 2002. They appeared to show an obscured missile-sized object approaching the Pentagon. The images of interest from the other, nearby, camera, are first, the nose of an aircraft (very similar to, say, an AGM-86A cruise missile) inching into the frame from the right, the next, a white blur blurring into an explosion. No passenger airliner is apparent in any image.

Meanwhile, the government refuses to release 84 other recordings in pending lawsuits. Among those are videos confiscated from a nearby Sheraton hotel and Citgo gas station. Cable news reporters gamely reported that those cameras were pointed the wrong the way and we would never see them. This is a lie, of course, as media reports indicated Sheraton employees watched the tape "in horror" before it was stolen by the FBI.

Presentation of this release on cablenews was preceded and accompanied by loathsome talking heads preening that "conspiracy theorists" would be proven wrong by the video. Though more than one admitted quietly that the new footage was "underwhelming."

Particularly loathsome was CNN's embedded Pentagon flack, Jamie McIntyre. McIntyre claimed up and down that he was at the Pentagon and saw the plane wreckage, that it was everywhere. Of course, his report filed on 9/11 said exactly the opposite -- and video of that report has been archived all over the web and transcribed by, Later in the day, McIntyre attacked "conspiracy theorists" on the web, and took some of his own 9/11 report out of context in order to attack Internet researchers of taking his report out of context. McIntyre was sweaty, jumpy, and nervous -- as well he should be, given that the scope of his lies may impeach him as a war criminal.

Like Winston in Orwell's 1984, a boot beating down on his head until he agreed 2+2=5, the television showed us, between reports on the NSA spying on your phone calls, pictures of no Boeing 757 while .insisting they were showing you a Boeing airliner.

How much longer will this continue?

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