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The Fallacy Of Bush's "Tough Border Stance"

Prison | May 20 2006

Listen to a segment from The Alex Jones Show as Alex details the fallacy of Bush's so-called tough border stance and the reality behind the open border plan to destroy America.


- Bush's "tough stance" as it is being described by the media is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors ploy to placate his conservative base as poll numbers plummet.

- The national guard troops being sent to the border do not have powers of arrest and are merely there temporarily for "security" and a giant photo op just as Bush is when he drives around in an armored sand buggy.

- The recent immigration protests were run by Vicente Fox and Bush administration PR firm Rob Allyn and Co. and were whipped up by the Spanish media weeks in advance as a mobilization of a fifth column to bully the American people.

- The media gives a positive spin to the immigration protests yet applies negative connotations to any anti-war or property rights protest.

- On the surface the protests were labeled "a day without immigrants" yet in reality the organizers called the protest "a day without gringos" and this was reported by the Associated Press.

- Bush has tied the smoke and mirrors ploy of "getting tough" to his blanket amnesty program which legalizes all illegal aliens and anyone that can get into the country for the next six years, as well as allowing corporations to fly in skilled and unskilled workers to further eviscerate American's jobs.

-The blanket amnesty guest worker program includes a provision that if you're a felon the new law doesn't apply, yet the legislation includes a trap door that allows felons to remain if they have a "hardship" or family within the country.

- As in 1986, extremist immigrant groups will be running the amnesty program.

- The immigrant groups are mobilized to protest against Bush's legislation to make it look as if Bush is getting tough to fool conservatives.


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