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What Would Flight 77 Eyewitnesses Have Actually Seen?
Video suggests 'passengers in windows' comment is a fraud

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 23 2006

What would eyewitnesses to whatever crashed into the Pentagon have actually seen? Our video analysis shows it's plausible they could have identified the jet as a large American Airlines Boeing 757, but comments about seeing intricate details of the plane as it zoomed past at over 500 MPH are outside the realm of possibility.

Here we have taken a video of an American Airliners Boeing 757-200 coming in to land at around 100 knots and speeded it up four times to represent the reported 400 knots speed of Flight 77. The altitude is slightly higher than Flight 77's reported 20-30 feet, a fact disputed by former pilots who contend that flying at high speeds 20 feet above the ground is impossible.

James R. Cissell told the Cincinnati Post that he saw faces of the passengers in the windows as the plane hurtled past at 530 miles an hour.

''Out of my peripheral vision,'' Cissell said, ''I saw this plane coming in and it was low - and getting lower.

''If you couldn't touch it from standing on the highway, you could by standing on your car.''

''I thought, 'This isn't really happening. That is a big plane.' Then I saw the faces of some of the passengers on board,'' Cissell said.

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The video and any degree of common sense suggests that Cissell could not possibly have seen the faces of the passengers on board. Watch the video in normal speed, at least four times slower than Flight 77 would have appeared. Even at this low altitude and significantly reduced speed you can't see passengers in the windows.

"It was so close that I could read the numbers under the wing, " said another eyewitness Christine Peterson. Is this just a turn of phrase? Can you read a message written on a bullet as it flies past you?

While it can be accepted that eyewitnesses saw the large AA painted on the tail section of the plane, it is incomprehensible to suggest they saw intricate details of the aircraft. Many Pentagon skeptics have pointed to these accounts as evidence of the government planted false eyewitnesses to back up their official story.

While there is no real evidence of this, it is necessary to question how an event that would have appeared somewhat similarly to what is seen in the first video has been misrepresented by many eyewitnesses, including ones who said they saw the plane pass overhead "in slow motion." Either they are embellishing their accounts or the testimony has holes that you can fly a Boeing 757 through.


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