Philly 9/11 Truth takes control of the A28 Impeachment Rally

9/11 Blogger
Wednesday May 09, 2007 

April 28, 2007, thousands of patriots gathered around the nation calling for impeachment of the Bush administration. Philly 9/11 Truth joined their local event and with the approval of the host, World Can't Wait, delivered a powerful speech educating the open minded about state sponsored terrorism and 9/11. After an array of speakers and performers the event transmuted into a march through the streets of Philadelphia. As the crowd of enthusiastic patriots streamed through the city resounding chants and radiating an intense image, Philly 9/11 Truth seized the stream of impeachment and converted it into a river of truth by co-opting chants and emancipating minds. The following footage is exemplary of how a concerted effort by a small 9/11 Truth brigade can do the work of one hundred men.

Footage of the Speech

Footage of the march through the streets of Philly



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