CNN's Lou Dobbs Gets Last Laugh on Lesley Stahl of CBS

Jim Capo
Thursday May 10, 2007 

Informativereporting by Lou Dobbs on illegal immigration and plans to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada ala the European Unionhave struck a cord withAmericans across the country.The TV ratings for hisCNNshow continue to climb rapidly.Someone at CBS news decided it was time to have a chat with their rival.Lesley Stahl, ace news journalist on 60 Minutes, got the call.She took her assignment up with apparant enthusiasm, but a fateful lack of awareness.

Takingher own self far too seriously,Ms. Stahlturned up her nose atMr. Dobbs forbeingan "advocacy" journalist given to presenting his own view of reality in the place of"fair and balanced" reporting.

There is nothing funnier thoughthan watching an oblivioushypocrite in action.Treat yourself to a few examples of what ace CBS newsjournalistLesley Stahl considers "fair and balanced" reporting....

Her lead intro line to the interview with the "mad-as-hell" news anchor Dobbs:

If you're looking for your traditional, detached, impartial news show, do not come knocking on Lou Dobbs' door. His show on CNN has become a nightly rage fest.

Her decision to use the "fair and balanced" Southern Poverty Law Center to put words into Mr. Dobbs mouth:

But that does not sort of give one the go-ahead to say that, you know, "These are a group of rapists and disease-carrying people who are coming to, you know, essentially destroy the culture of this country." You know, I think that's a long leap, Potok says.

After developing the perception early onthat Mr. Dobbs' position on illegal immigration might have something to do with racism, towards the end of theinterview Stahl lets on:

...there's something even more surprising, something he never brings up: the fact that his wife Debi is Mexican-American.

Hmmmmm, maybe the detractors of Mr. Dobbs might be way off basetrying to play the race card against him?No, apparently this did notoccur to thejust the facts ma'amStahl.Here is how she saw it, in her own reality:

Given his family, the crusade against illegal immigrants may seem like a disconnect. But Dobbs is full of contradictions...

(That is, Dobbs, the racist-misogynist,is full of contradictions not the "report" Ms. Stahl is providing us.)

Much earlier, before we were told about the ethnicity of Mr. Dobbs' wife, who he has been happily married tofor over 25 years, here is how the fair-minded Ms. Stahl describesthe 300-acre New Jersey horse farm that the successful Dobb's lives on with his extended family:

The farm is sort of a compound. He lives there with 25 horses, four dogs, a cat, his wife, his 97-year-old mother, and his wife's parents, the in-laws.

Again, back in Ms. Stahl's objective reality, if you take care of your 97-year-old mother and your Hispanic in-laws all on the same piece of property, whatelse can wecall your homestead but a compound?Perhaps Ms. Stahl found the dogs to be particularly fierce?

Should we be amazedthatMs. Stahl apparentlytakes herself seriously on the topic of objective reporting? Probably not. Lou Dobbs got the last laugh on herthough.At the end of the interview Ms. Stahl and the 60 Minutes news teamhad to confess with an endnotewhat kind of in-depth researchthey put into their hard hittingreport on their "advocacy" journalist target:

While Stahl was talking to Dobbs, unbeknownst to 60 Minutes, he was talking to CBS News and has now joined The Early Show as a weekly commentator.



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