Victories Against the North American Union

Dana Gabriel
Monday, May 14, 2007 

The mainstream media and the globalists who are pushing for a North American Union aren't about to tell us that we are winning any battles. It is so exciting to witness so many state legislatures introducing and passing anti-NAU resolutions. How can we not feel encouraged— with each victory we are getting stronger, waking more people up, and bringing them to our side. We can't allow ourselves to become overconfident or complacent, but it is alright now and then to give ourselves a pat on the back. This is going to be a long war and we need to be prepared as things are going to get worse before they get better. We need to remain positive, stick to the facts, and get our message out. It is incredible just how far this movement has come in the last year, but there is a lot more that needs to be done if we are going to truly defeat the NAU.

One of our greatest obstacles in trying to expose the NAU is the real lack of knowledge and understanding by not only the general public but by our elected representatives as well. The mainstream media for the most part ignores reporting anything related to the NAU. If it is addressed we are all called conspiracy theorists and told that it's not really happening. Our politicians need to be held more accountable, and this starts by calling or writing our elected officials and telling them that we oppose the NAU. We need to ask them if they are aware of this issue and what they plan to do about it. If they are ignorant to this agenda we need to educate them. As they tell more of their colleagues, it will lead to a chain reaction. That is exactly what is happening at the state level— we are cleaning the globalists clocks even with the odds firmly stacked up against us.

More state legislatures have introduced or have passed anti-NAU resolutions, and it is having a domino effect. In fact, one third of state legislatures have introduced resolutions opposing the developing North American Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and the NAFTA Superhighway. Some of the state resolutions have been passed while others are moving forward. There is a chance that some might not make it to a floor vote before legislative sessions end. At the federal level, Rep. Virgil Goode R-V. has introduced several resolutions opposing the NAU. Some view these resolutions as toothless and largely symbolic. This is simply not the case and we cannot allow our accomplishments to be diminished. We are standing up to the globalist traitors and letting them know that their efforts to create an NAU without congressional oversight will not continue without a fight.

Idaho became the first state to pass anti-NAU resolutions in both the House and the Senate, calling upon Congress to drop out of the NAU and withdraw from any further participation in the SPP. This was followed by Montana who passed similar resolutions in both houses as well. Utah 's House of Representatives also passed resolutions opposing the NAU but the bill died before making it to the Senate floor. House Representative Steven Sandstrom was the one who introduced the resolutions in Utah. He stated, “I have been contacted by legislators from across the nation who have wanted to do this same thing in their states. I have heard from Georgia , Louisiana , Texas , Wyoming , and other states wanting to do this same thing. Washington will have to listen, and this is the only way to defeat the SPP— through movements like this across the nation, through education. No one would accept this if they knew what it was, another European type Union for the Americas .”

In Texas , a bill was recently passed by an overwhelming majority in both Houses, effectively killing the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) for at least two years. It should easily have the necessary votes to prevent Gov. Rick Perry, a stanch supporter of the TTC, from trying to veto the bill. The TTC is to be the first leg of a proposed NAFTA Superhighway that would extend through Texas all the way to Canada . The bill places a two year moratorium on any public/private partnerships involving toll road projects financed and operated by foreign companies. The Spanish company Cintra was slated to partly finance, build, and then operate the TTC as a toll road. Many private property owners, ranchers, farmers and rural communities lie in the path of the TTC's construction. Hopefully this two year moratorium will bring about a reevaluation of possible effects, along with the selling of our infrastructure to foreign interests. There is no doubt that it will further expose more corruption and cronyism. The Federal Highway Administration has threatened Texas with the loss of highway funding in retaliation over this bill. One must understand that these victories, although not openly addressed by our foes, are not going unnoticed.

More people are waking up to the reality of a NAU through the diligent efforts of true patriots like Lou Dobbs, Jerome Corsi, members of the John Birch Society, and those in the alternative media like Alex Jones. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul of Texas, a true defender of American sovereignty, admittedly opposes the NAU. Even more importantly we are in this fight because of concerned and motivated citizens who are making their voices heard. We need to educate our elected officials, our families, and our friends to this treasonous and destructive plan. The mainstream media can ignore us all they want, but the fact is we our making a difference, winning battles, and growing stronger everyday. We have the ability and power to make this a significant election issue in both the U.S. and Canada . There is no doubt in my mind that because of our dedication, sacrifice and perseverance, we will be further rewarded, and our efforts will translate into a resounding majority rejecting the North American Union.

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