Luke Rudkowski
Tuesday May 15, 2007 

I Luke Rudkowski never made a film in my life, I sat in front of a computer at my local public access station BCAT with no knowledge of film making. Through countless hours of trial and error I was able to make this film. This film is not perfect but I did my best and that is what matters. Half-way through making this film on 1/29/07 I lost one of my best friends Dan Wallace to whom this film is dedicated to, I could not stop crying making this film.

I spent whatever money I had in my pockets to make this film and for a 20 year old unemployed college student that’s not much. It also does not help that all funding for NY911Truth was confiscated by one individual.

If you like what you see and want to support these actions donate $12.00 or more at and you’ll receive a high quality DVD version of the film

All proceeds will go towards fighting the New World Order specifically…

1. Free Flyer’s for people 2. Free DVD’s for people 3. Mini DV tapes 4. A Hidden Camera 5. Wireless Microphone

“Dedicated” was Produced and Directed by Luke Rudkowski @

Thank you so much for watching this film, do a street action in the memory of Dan Wallace on every 11th of each month for truth and justice. Education is pointless unless we use it.



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