Ron Paul Panics The Establishment
Wednesday May 16, 2007 

It is clear that Ron Paul is continuing to panic the Establishment. How else can one describe the ongoing efforts of all mainstream media outlets to discredit and downplay his surging popularity? Is it they just don't know how else to deal with him? Is it they have no idea what to do when "pushing the fear button" no longer works?

Regarding the clip below, I have just a few questions:

Would the text poll have "counted" if it showed Giuliani or McCain as the winner? If not, (if the poll is as meaningless as these pundits suggest) what was the point of having it at all?

Hannity: You claim you wouldn't "stand for injustice;" that you'd start a war to fight it. But if it was your neck on the line, would you still be so "brave and noble?" Or to put it another way, with so many tyrants in the world, how many have you gone overseas to fight? None? Oh, so maybe some clarification is in order: You "wouldn't stand for it" unless of course it was your ass and treasure on the line.

And last but not least: Is it really crazy to suggest people in other countries resent being murdered, exploited, or "ruled over" by puppet governments? Is it crazy to suggest they resent "our" foreign policy that comes at THEIR expense; a policy created and implemented by a small group of dishonest, self-serving global elites? I don't think so.



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