Sean Hannity Radio Show Phone Jam

Prison Planet
Friday, May 18, 2007 

UPDATE: Hannity Desperately Cuts Off Callers as Phone Jam Takes Affect

Today we are targeting the Sean Hannity radio show for a phone jam to educate Shaun on the fact that his smearing of Ron Paul and soft-peddling of the amnesty bill will not go without opposition.

Sean Hannity is one of the foremost cheerleaders for the Neo-Con elite and their warmongering, anti-American activities.

In the aftermath of Tuesday's Republican Party debate, Hannity encouraged people to vote against Ron Paul and tried to smear him in a one on one interview.

Hannity is also soft-peddling the amnesty bill, which legalizes millions of criminals who have already broken the law by entering the country.

Remember to pretend that you agree with Hannity or put an on act that you are a dumb liberal. If you tell the call screener that you disagree you will never get on air because Hannity cannot defend his position against the truth.

Should you get on air, please throw in a plug for Prison

Let these filth know that we are aware of them. Hannity's show airs weekdays 3-6PM EST, 2-5PM CST.

The number is 800.941.7326.

Call today and call throughout next week.




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