Alex Jones Announces Loose Change Role
Founding Father of 9/11 Truth Movement is an executive producer for Final Cut, David Ray Griffin on board as script editor and consultant

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 18, 2007

Alex Jones has publicly announced his role as an executive producer for Loose Change: Final Cut as Dylan Avery, Corey Rowe and Jason Bermas gear up for their much anticipated appearance on The View with Rosie O'Donnell next week.

Alex will also reveal on his show today that he has been helping with financing the production and release of the film.

Professor David Ray Griffin was also enlisted as a script editor and fact checker, ensuring the final release will be absolutely watertight and immune to the debunking attempts that will inevitably follow.

Actor Charlie Sheen is also involved in talks to possibly narrate the documentary.

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Tune in to the Alex Jones Show today for full details on what is shaping up to be a very exciting few months as the movie nears its expected cinema release.

The Loose Change crews will feature on ABC's The View on Thursday May 24th, it was announced yesterday. William Rodruigez will also appear on the show. 9/11 truthers will not go head to head with debunkers, but it is expected that the pioneers of yellow journalism, Hearst Publishing's Popular Mechanics, will be given an opportunity to spew their deceit at a later date, though this has not been scheduled as yet.




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