We Bought An Alexa Ranking: Amazon problems with Alexa Internet

Monday May 28, 2007 

How many times have you check your website's Alexa Ranking? You know you have. For any self-respecting webmaster, it's not the size, but the "rank" that matters. And for many people, Alexa Internet is the tool by which they measure their success.

Well, we got curious. We started searching the Internet for answers to our questions:
Is it possible to manipulate Alexa?
Is toolbar manipulation the only way?
Can't we just pay someone?
After about 5 seconds, thanks to Google.com, we found a company that claimed they could advance our Alexa Ranking in exchange for money. Go figure.

We paid the cash and within a couple hours, our target website (not OfficialWire.com) had moved up the Alexa rank from 4.2m to 50k—WOW! Toolbar manipulation you say... Actually, there were no visits to our target website.

OfficialWire asked Alexa Internet to comment for this article, but no reply was received before we 'went to press'.

We'll wait to see if we hear from them but in the meantime:

Answers: Yes, No, Yes

Editor Note: Update, today (May 19, 2007) our target website has moved up the Alexa Rank to 28,000! Still no visits to the website though...FURTHER UPDATE, today (May 29, 2007) our target website has moved up the Alexa Rank to 3,200!! Still no visits to the website!



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