9/11 activist slams 'absurdity' of Fox report

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Raw Story
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 

William Rodriguez, a former World Trade Center maintenance worker who became a 9/11 activist after helping rescue fifteen of his co-workers, penned a letter which attacks Fox News for rumormongering about O'Donnell's firing.

"Fox news came out today with the rumor that Rosie O'Donnell was fired because she mentioned my story to a live audience of The View that was recorded by a spectator and posted on the Internet," Rodriguez wrote in a letter obtained by RAW STORY. "The absurdity of their comments and their lack of investigative skills to even research that what she was talking about, makes Fox look like always, a far right demagogic network with no desire to look on the real evidence of 9/11. They finished by attacking the messenger like always."

Rodriguez continues, "Rosie did not get fired by mentioning me. I canceled the appearance before Rosie decided to quit, due to my many efforts in Washington and nationwide."

At her blog, O'Donnell heard from a reader on Fox's reporting: "Fox says you left because of a video of you talking about wtc7 to the audience during a commercial break. Um, you talked about that on air! And you need to keep talking! Perpetuate the conversation!"

In response, O'Donnell blogged back in her usual style:

"william rodriguez
my friend
google him
i didnt get fired for talking about him
he was a booked guest in fact"

At the end of his letter, Rodriguez, who serves as President of The Hispanic Victims Group (and his personal website can be found at this link) writes, "I am still working hard for the truth and Rosie is by my side."



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