Location Of Bilderberg Group Meeting Unveiled
Elitists attempted to throw media off scent by lying about location

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker is 99% certain that the Bilderberg Group meeting, which officially starts tomorrow, is to be held at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul after the group tried to throw the local media off the scent and lie in claiming the elite confab was to take place 40 miles away in the city of Silivri.

"The elite group will be meeting today at the Klassis Hotel in the town of Silivri, 40 miles from Istanbul," wrote the Turkish Zaman daily today, but not according to veteran journalist Jim Ticker, who has spent decades following the activities of the shadowy organization.

Appearing today on the Alex Jones Show, Tucker was all but certain that the meeting is taking place at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul, judging from the phalanx of armed police and military personnel that have surrounded the hotel.

Bilderberg apparently told the local media that they were meeting at the Klassis Hotel as a decoy to throw them off the scent, particularly after last year's confab in Canada which was blown wide open by Alex Jones and his crew.

Ritz Carlton being the venue is also seemingly confirmed by the fact that the hotel's official website lists "no rooms available for requested dates" when one attempts to book between the 1st and 3rd of June.

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The hotel boasts more than 2,403 square meters of meeting and conference space along with 23 suites and 57 Ritz-Carlton Club Level rooms. Judging from pictures, it seems perfectly tailored for secrecy, being surrounded by forests and a huge lake the building gives the appearance as being almost on its own island.

Tucker confirmed that security surrounding the area is intense and that he had been followed by secret police and was under close surveillance.

Tucker will appear again on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow to provide updates about the 2007 Bilderberg agenda and share any information he routinely obtains from moles and hotel workers who are usually happy to spill the beans after being treated like dirt by the elitists.

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