Bilderberg Confirmed: Westfields Marriott In Chantilly June 5-8
Jim Tucker - "possible" that Athens story was a ruse to misdirect people

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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Veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker has confirmed via three separate sources that the Bilderberg Group will meet this year in Chantilly Virginia at the Westfields Marriott hotel from June 5-8. Tucker told The Alex Jones Show that the earlier story claiming Bilderberg had already met in Athens Greece was a possible ruse to misdirect attention from the real scene of the crime.

The Bilderberg Group comprises around 200 top elitists in government, banking, business, media and academia who meet annually in semi-secrecy and shape the destiny of the world yet are subject to little or no mainstream media scrutiny.

As we discovered last week, original reports that Bilderberg had already met in Athens Greece turned out to be incorrect after Dutch newspapers and the Dutch Embassy let slip that Netherlands Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende was set to attend Bilderberg in Chantilly after a meeting with George W. Bush.

The Bilderberg gathering is now set to take place from June 5-8 and as expected, it will be held at the Westfields Marriott hotel, the same venue of the 2002 meeting. Tucker called the Dutch Embassy and was passed over to the Dutch Embassy in the United States, who confirmed that the meeting would be in Chantilly.

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"I called the Dutch embassy....they confirmed yes - I asked the question twice I made sure I got it right - yes they will be at Chantilly and of course it will be the Westfields Marriott - Westfields is all booked up," said Tucker, adding that his source inside Bilderberg also confirmed that the meeting will take place in Chantilly.

"A man who's an international financial consultant who knows a lot of Bilderberg people personally....he's helped us locate Bilderberg many times....he has also talked to his Bilderberg buddies who gave us additional confirmation just this morning that Chantilly is the scene of the crime," Tucker added.

Tucker said he was all set to leave for Athens but decided to stay after he discovered that secretaries who routinely attend Bilderberg were all going to be in Washington. The fact that armed guards were not stationed outside the hotel in Athens also indicated that Bilderberg were not meeting there.

Tucker said it was possible that the Athens story was a ruse to "lead people the wrong way, because they do not like to be exposed."

Tucker added that he will be checking into the Hilton in Herndon, Va, which is the closest and cheapest hotel to the Westfields Marriott.

"It surprised me because they were here two years ago and their routine has been three years in Europe and one year somewhere in North America - Canada or the United States," said Tucker, adding that for a while he thought Japan was going to be the venue because the G8 is meeting in Japan for the first time ever this year.

Tucker encouraged activists to turn out and cover the meeting because the American corporate media routinely self-censors and refuses to report on Bilderberg, whereas a smattering of reports do come out when Bilderberg meets in Europe or Canada. Even the Turkish media proved it was more open than the US press last year when several newspaper and TV news stations reported on Bilderberg's meeting in Istanbul.

According to, the Dutch Embassy's decision to let the cat out of the bag and announce the venue of Bilderberg may, "Indicate that there are people in the Dutch government, maybe even including the Dutch PM himself, who are not happy about the secrecy upon which Rockefeller, Kissinger and the other Bilderberg chiefs insist."

Tucker has published his "Bilderberg Itinerary" which lays out how he will cover the meeting. A reprint appears below. Alex Jones has also confirmed that he will be traveling to Washington to cover the meeting with his film crew.

Bilderberg meet at the luxurious Westfields Marriott resort from Thursday, June 5, to Sunday, June 8, at Chantilly, Va., near Washington’s Dulles International Airport.

The address: Westfields Marriott, 14750 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, Va. 20151. Phone: 703-818-0300

On Wednesday, June 4, I will check into the Hilton in Herndon, Va., the closest and cheapest motel ($270+ tax daily). The address: 13869 Park Center Road, Herndon, Va. 20171. Phone: 703-478-2900

While I have a lot of help from both journalists and broadcasters in Europe few, if any, will be in Chantilly because of their budget limitations. (They lack the dedicated readers who help finance these missions.)

You can be sure that Donald Graham and Jimmy Lee Hoagland, chairman and associate editor of The Washington Post, respectfully, will attend as usual. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times and executives of the broadcast networks have also attended, among other journalistic whores, on their solemn promises of absolute secrecy. But you will read and hear nothing of this secret meeting of international financiers and political leaders.

Join us. You will help and you will have fun.


Jim Tucker


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