US wants Iran military option on table

Press TV
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leaders of the US House of Representatives say they do not rule out any option including a military action against the Islamic Republic.

Speaking at a news conference at Israel's parliament, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House majority leader Steny Hoyer answered in favor to questions by journalists if a military action should be taken against Iran.

Pelosi said a 'full array of tactics are on the table' in order to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

House majority leader Steny Hoyer supported the idea of a military action against Iran, insisting that "no options should be taken off the table".

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The high-ranking 13-member congressional delegation is on a four-day visit to Israel on the 60th anniversary of the Zionist regime.

US officials have a long history of trying to portray Iran and its nuclear program as a major threat to the region in a bid to curry favor with Israel -- Washington's number one ally in the Middle East.

The Islamic Republic, however, insists that the country is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons and that its nuclear program is solely aimed at generating electricity for a growing population.

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