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With all precincts reporting, Bush wins Colorado, 41-34 percent, paper reports – except election hasn’t started yet!

The Raw Story | November 2 2004

President Bush has scored a resounding victory in Colorado, winning the popular vote 41 to 34 percent over Massachusetts senator John Kerry – at least according to the Rocky Mountain News, which posted the ‘final’ election results sometime Monday afternoon, RAW STORY discovered.

The News called the election for Bush. But several minutes later, with fewer precincts reporting, Kerry was up 41-40 percent. The image is reproduced below. The paper previously had endorsed Bush for reelection.

Trouble is, election day is Tuesday. The latest poll, by Zogby, has Bush edging Kerry 48-47 percent.

RAW STORY believes that the paper is testing their online reporting system, though most papers do so internally, without calling the race in public view before the election actually occurs.

The paper also called the national Senate race. Democratic senate hopeful and state Attorney General Ken Salazar lost, by eight percent, to beer mogul Pete Coors, who trounced him with 48 percent of the vote.

Curiously, Salazar is leading in both current polls, with a 52-44 percent lead over Coors in Zogby’s poll, and a 49-47 percent lead in the latest SurveyUSA poll.

The site previously could be accessed here but has since been taken down. Page views are shown below.

The News is owned by E.W. Scripps, a media conglomerate. The News is their largest paper.






































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