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Bush Wins Staged Skull and Bones Election, Not Tonight Says Kerry

Zogby Calls Election For Kerry






White House source tells mag they're confident on FL, OH


Electronic voting machine glitch reports begin to filter in....

I overheard the elections officials state that the primary voting machine (there was only one) had malfunctioned and that they had to "reprogram" the demo machine so that one could be used. Lousia County, Virginia, is a rural community, largely Democratic, and poorly educated. I was wondering WHO had done the reprogramming and HOW it was done. We need to find another way of casting ballots in this country!

Mineral, VA

I voted in Precinct 0536. Everything went pretty smoothly until 5 of the 11 machines "went down". They still looked to be powered on. Someone came out and started looking at them, but they were still not fixed when I finished voting.

Houston TX

Unfortunately something happened with the machine and I was asked to put my ballot into a box marked "auxillary bin." It was weird. The poll worker said,"Don't worry your vote wil be counted." I said, "Can you prove that right now, or sepcifically tell me when it will?"

San Francisco, CA

As I made each choice, they were shown correctly on the screen. However, when I reached the review screen, two of my votes had been changed. I corrected them before casting ballot, but am wondering if this may have happened to other voters who may not have reviewed their ballots. (I was with two friends who said they didn't bother to review theirs, but just assumed they were okay.) I did mention this to the poll worker, who expressed surprise, but said she would make a note of it.

Peachtree City, GA

CBS summary still shows Bush leads popular vote by 25-30,000 gap

Slate Exit Polls: Kerry leads Bush 51-48

Ohio popular vote flip flops between Bush and Kerry

Ohio real time result

PA real time result

Polls close in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania; NBC News projects all 3 too close to call

Bush takes South Carolina, ,Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee. Kerry takes Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Mass, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC.

Florida Department of State real time results currently favor Bush

Massive turnout in Ohio delays count, newly registered voters likely to vote for Kerry and swing state.

Bush takes West Virginia. Popular vote on Virginia flip-flopped from Kerry to Bush with same amount of precincts! Very odd.

2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All

Pennsylvania race sees Kerry significanty ahead with 16% precincts closed.

Bush takes North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas.

Global monitors find faults

Bush takes North Carolina and Virginia

Fox News calls Ohio for Bush.

Ohio going way of Bush, re-election looks all but certain. Bush takes Colorado.

Bush takes Florida, Ohio will decide election.

White House says it expects Ohio win, Bush re-election.

ABC forecasting Colorado, New Mexico for Bush. Kerry takes Washington State.

Kerry takes Pennsylvania, California. Bush takes Idaho, Arizona.

If Bush takes New Hampshire, Kerry takes Ohio, a 269-269 tie could occur, House would pick Bush as President.

Current projections clearly show Bush as favourite to win.

Current totals suggest Bush will take Florida and Ohio. N. Hampshire is 50/50

Bush takes Montana, Utah, Arkansas, Missouri

It's Kerry, say web-watchers

CBS Summary Shows Bush Leading by 6,000 votes

Bush, Kerry Head-to-Head in US Exit Polls

Dollar Declines on Speculation Exit Polls Show Kerry Leading

Exit polls show Kerry leading in key states: US internet sites

Reports that exit polls show race is tightening after early Kerry surge.

OH Tied FL Kerry +2 PA Kerry+2-4 WI Kerry+4 MI Kerry+2 NH Bush +7

Jimmy Breslin: Why Kerry will beat Bush

Moderate Problems at Polling Places

Reactions: 'Longest Lines I've Ever Seen'

Drudge reports: FLASH: Scare TIME/CNN building in NYC, suspicious package closes down portion 6th Avenue... Man on ground, police on top of him -- witness... Tue Nov 02 2004 15:50:30 ET...

Heavy turnout in New Mexico

GOP expected to keep control of House

Update: Drudge now clarifies that this early sample was based on a 59- 41 women to men ratio.

The Drudge Report is reporting.....


Exit poll mania spread through media and campaign circles Tuesday afternoon after first wave of morning data showed Kerry competitive in key states.... National Election Pool -- representing six major news organization -- shows Kerry in striking distance -- with small lead -- in Florida and Ohio, sources tell DRUDGE... MORE...

Oringially Drudge had posted 13 State forcasts showing Kerry ahead in 9, Bush ahead in three and one tied. However, those forecasts were strangely removed 10 minutes after they were posted.

Voting problems reported as balloting begins


Vote Fraud in Philadelphia? Maybe Not, DA Says

Paid Bush supporters cause uproar

'We're Going to Win,' Bush Says

Indicators point to a cliffhanger US election: analysts

Bush Wins Vote in Tiny N.Hampshire Hamlet