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1993 'Demolition Man' Movie: Schwarzenegger As President

Prison Planet | Updated November 23 2004

Movies and television often pre-empt reality. Whether you believe this is coincidental or planned, the track record is there.

In this video clip, Sylvestor Stylone's character, a time-traveling cop from the past, is told to his disbelief that Arnold Schwarzenegger had become president after the Constitution was amended.


Comment from the great reader who sent us this clip....

What once was a joke in a futuristic science fiction movie has once again caught up with reality. Viewers of Arnies and Sly's movies will remember the 'in-jokes' put into their movies to poke fun at each other.

I guess in 1993 when they made Demolition Man they figured 'Lets go for the most ridiculous futuristic prediction for Schwarzenegger and make him a President, oh yes he'll like that!'

How well they knew him I guess. Not only is Arnie's dream of being a US President a frightening possibility, the futuristic New World Order which mirrors that depicted in the 1993 movie is also on the cards.

I'm glad that they didn't predict Michael Jackson would be the British Prime Minister in the near future!

Joseph Skelton

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