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Los Angeles Talk Show Hosts Find Killing American Troops Funny

Prison Planet | November 19 2004

Texas based radio talk show host Alex Jones was invited to appear as a guest on the Los Angeles based John and Ken show which airs on KFI AM 640.

Jones was on the show to talk about his campaign to defend against a constitutional amendment which would allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president.

Previous reports in the Associated Press and CNN had covered the campaign which is detailed at

The hosts of the show are known to be friends of Schwarzenegger and had previously supported him in and been instrumental in the Californian recall election.

Throughout the show shock jocks John and Ken side-stepped the documented links which tie Arnold Schwarzenegger to known Nazi Kurt Waldheim in recent times.

One of the hosts repeatedly exclaimed 'I don't care' when Alex raised the connection, saying that someone's past doesn't matter, just what their current plans are and that Arnold apologizing for the Nazi link completely absolved him.

By the same train of logic, British people would have accepted Adolf Hitler's apology and allowed him to become Prime Minister of Britain. Or a middle class family with children shouldn't be upset when a convicted child rapist moves in next door next to them.

However, the most shocking moment was eight minutes into the show when one of the hosts said that Kurt Waldheim's involvement in killing American troops in world war two was 'a riot' and that he found it funny.

The exact transcript is as follows...


Alex Jones: You know, Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine's man of the year in 1933. So a lot of sickos back then thought Adolf Hitler was OK.

Host: So you really believe Schwarzenegger's another Hitler?

Alex Jones: I don't know, he dreamed of being a dictator and ran campaigns for Kurt Waldheim. A guy that hunted down and killed American soldiers.

Hosts: (Laughter)

Alex Jones: It's funny, isn't it? Killing American soldiers is funny?

Host: Oh yeah it's a riot, it's the funniest thing I ever heard of.

Alex Jones: Real funny.

Host: Yeah.


Listen to an MP3 audio clip of this transcript by clicking here.

In case you think we're taking this out of context, you can listen to the whole interview by clicking here.

Earlier in the interview one of the hosts bragged that they had been instrumental in the recall in supporting Schwarzenegger. Our previous research shows this to be true. They got everybody excited about the recall of Gray Davis, who this news service did not support. Once everybody was on board thinking there would be a real change with conservative McClintock, John and Ken and other Schwarzenegger media operatives pulled a bait and switch and threw their support behind Schwarzenegger. The rest is history.

Radio talk show hosts are canned every week in this country for saying things that are much less offensive than what one of the talk show hosts said about our world war two European theatre heroes.

This has got to be a new low, a new depth, that has been plumbed. They should immediately retract their statement that disgraces the hallowed ground of Arlington Cemetery. Maybe they think that the past doesn't matter. But it does. Perhaps they think that all the old world war two heroes are dead or in nursing homes and that their spoiled yuppie listeners loved what they heard. But I know a lot of Americans are thankful for what British and American special forces troops did in the Balkans, in the fight against Hitler. If they have any souls left they will apologize for what they've done.

We don't think Arnold Schwarzenegger being able to run for president is a good idea. We are also 'radical right-wing wackos' in the sense that we don't think Nazis killing American troops is funny.

Alex Jones: I know that if I'm not over the target them I'm not going to be getting flak. I can handle being called names. I do multiple interviews every day and I'm used to it. But I'm not going to put up wth a program which is extremely influential in Southern California making jokes about American soldiers that were killed and wounded while fighting Hitler's forces. The statements by both of the hosts defending Arnold Schwarzenegger to the hilt shows you how completely bankrupt their world view is. This is how cult of personality dictatorships start. Hordes of toadies, boot lickers, sychphants and pomps get behind a megalomaniacal narccissistic leader and bring hell on earth to the populations they control.

Note that John and Ken use the Simon Wiesenthal Center's endorsement of Arnold as some type of shield. It is reported that Arnold's given upwards of 5 million dollars to the center alone starting in the early 1980's, but he had never stopped his association of and promotion of Kurt Waldheim.

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This was a very bizarre interview. Morgenthaler-Jones soft-peddled Arnold's Nazi links, drug use and sexual harassment of women.

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