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Head of Movement to Amend Constitution For Schwarzenegger Soft-Peddles Arnold's Nazi Links, Drug Use, Sexual Harrassment

Americans Against Arnold Press Release | November 20 2004

Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones yesterday interviewed Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones on his nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Morgenthaler-Jones has spearheaded a campaign which has received national press attention to enable a constitutional amendment enabling foreign born citizens to run for President.

Alex Jones has led the opposition to this movement by launching and a national ad campaign set to follow.

Throughout the interview Morgenthaler-Jones expressed her arguments in a sophisticated and academic manner which served to sugar-coat Schwarzenegger's admitted Nazi links, drug use and sexual harassment allegations.

Here are segments of the interview transcript with our comments added.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.



Alex Jones (paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegger): "I saw America and thought that's where I should be, where I could be number one

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: (Laughter)

Alex Jones (paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegger): "I was dreaming of being some dictator or something."

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: What's wrong with wanting to be number one?

Alex Jones (paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegger): "I admired Hitler, he was a little man who came from nothing with his speech. You know, speech is important, the words we use get respect and other things."

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: That's the truth, and it also helps to be six feet plus and weigh 240 pounds.

Morgenthaler-Jones seems to have no problem with Arnold stating that he admires Hitler by saying 'what's wrong with being number one?'. In the same interview she whitewashed the issue by claiming that every 20-year-old wants to rule the world.

So why was Arnold still expressing Nazi sympathies throughout his thirties and appearing in photo shoots with admitted Nazi Kurt Waldheim?

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Arnold pictured with Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim.


Alex Jones: What about 1986? 40 years old, at his wedding, tons of news media, family. He says, people told me not to mention Kurt because of all the Nazi stuff, this is a quote, but I love him and Maria loves him so thank you Kurt. Then he went to Austria, campaigned for him in the midde of the firestorm over Kurt Waldheim being an admitted top Nazi going after Americans and Jews in Serbia.

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: I wouldn't have done it and you wouldn't have done it but I'll tell you one thing that it's a hallmark of Arnold. He is loyal to his old friends.

So if you're old friends are Nazis then staying loyal to them is the right thing to do? A President who is good friends with Nazis is good for America? Especilly a President who hasn't given up his Austrian citizenship.



Alex Jones: Did you know he admits to steroid use and that that can cause delusions of grandeur and psychotic breaks?

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: Oh baby, I think that his jaw is basically that big because of all those steroids he took.

Again, she doesn't defend the drug use. She admits it but it's no big deal, and responded euphorically.



Alex Jones: What about all the sexual harrassment? That's not 1986?

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: No, I agree with you on that and I wrote an op-ed piece about it last year after the election. Because I was at headquarters, the campaign headquarters in Santa Monica, watching Arnold during his press conference and you remember he walked out at the end an as he was walking out a reporter said, 'what about the allegations about sexual harassment and Arnold said 'old news' and I thought don't you dare.

Alex Jones: Yeah, were there's smoke there's fire.

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: Well and to take that attitude, cut to it and say 'I blew it, I was badly behaved, I shouldn't have done it and I know that now.

Alex Jones: Yeah but badly behaved....we're talking about stuff he hasn't denied...running up and grabbing on women. If I did that believe me most women would call the police and I'd be arrested for sexual assault.

Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones: Actually, if you did that, some women would feel complimented but that's because you're well known. So what can I say, some of it is celebrity stuff, some of it is movie stuff.

Alex Jones: Yeah but they're not Gods, they play by the same rules, Especially when you try to enter politics.

So here using Jones as an example, she says that women like it. And then she moves on to speak of Arnold, it's just Hollywood stuff.


This is the decadent mindset that has swept California and much of the country. 80+% of American are against Arnold beng able to run for President but we have an establishment media and elite that are giving Arnold and his whole movement nothing but praise and acting like it's the second coming of Christ.

I guess Arnold's having the effect on people that he dreamed of having so many years ago.

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This is how warped our society is becoming. All of his rotten pus that's not even below the surface and the media out promoting it like it's some type of special delicacy. This country is definitely entering the depths of a decadent cycle. It's up to all of us who still have our humanity, our moral compass to get involved politically and to figuratively kick Arnold and his sycophants in the hind end and send them packing back to Austria.

The elite may think they've got things sown up but we've got the founding fathers, the Constitution and common sense on our side. If you take action and spread the word about what we're doing, together we are invincible.

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