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News Executive Calls Anti-Arnold Movement 'Klan-Like,' Promises to Alert FBI

Prison Planet | November 22 2004

We received the following E mail from a reader who had forwarded the 'American Against Arnold' press release to mainstream news executives and journalists.

This response came from the Vice-President of a Tennessee based CBS affiliate.

In the E mail, he likens Alex Jones and the Americans Against Arnold movement to the Klu Klux Klan, saying they are "probable threat to our freedom and safety and are not fit to carry Governor Schwarzenegger’s luggage."

It is completely baffling to try to understand the logic in play here. We are opposing someone who said publicly that they admired Hitler and campaigned in Austria for admitted Nazi Kurt Waldheim.

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi ties are detailed in the links at the end of the article.

We're opposing a man who called black people subhuman ni**ers and once stated, "If you gave these blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes."

We fight the racist and so that makes us racist!

The E mail is reprinted below and gives us another insight into the warped minds of the people who are behind The Gropenfuhrer becoming president.


I respect and support your right to protest and speak your opinion. Please accept my right to be repulsed by your not-so-veiled bigotry, shortsightedness and misinformed as well as ill guided viewpoint.

Unless you are a direct descendent of an American Indian, you are NOT a Native American. You are most likely, according to your definition, a descendent of – in your words – “a foreign usurper.” How dare you exercise a right to free speech!

I’m a journalist. I obsess over fairness, truth and human rights. I fear people like you – not because of your power but because of your bigotry that threatens a free people. We’ve not met but I envision you enveloped in a white sheet and a white pointed cloth hat masking the hatred beneath.

I’ve not yet formed an opinion about the proposed change to the constitution. But let me assure you that Governor Schwarzenegger and others like him who have come to our great country do not take it for granted – do not condone let alone subscribe to idiotic bigoted ideology and he would have the courage to attach his name to a document sent in a mass email such as the one you sent anonymously. You may want to note that you’re allegedly endeavoring to protect “the land of the free and home of the brave.” So far, the only opinion I’ve formed regarding this is that you and your band of gutless, anonymous Ku Klux Klan-like marauders are a probable threat to our freedom and safety and are not fit to carry Governor Schwarzenegger’s luggage. I hope the FBI (I’m copying this email to them) investigates your organization – a possible root of hate crimes.

If you care to leave me on your mailing list – let me thank you in advance for the forced exercise of my middle finger – the one I use to click the delete button.


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I live in the South, in Tennessee, and I have never before lived in a place where there are more uneducated, uninformed, opinionated, racist individuals, who are also truly ignorant of world events -- other than what they have been fed by the media this man works for. I've been a Tennessean for 50 years, and I have seen little change in all these years in the core of the people. Oh, sure, there are those who are not racist, who are kind and soft spoken, and there are good people here, too, but they stay quiet and safe. Those who are educated and informed play whatever games they need to to get by -- they do what they are told, what will keep them employed and out of disfavorable light.

I'm sure this guy who wrote you knows very little about Arnold, Hitler, the Nazis, the Bildenbergs, Skull and Bones, the Bush lineage, and most other matters of political factual history. He knows what he's told to do his job at a major national news affiliate owned by corporations that influence Washington and are influenced by Washington -- specifically Bush. People like this guy are unread and unknowledgeable by choice and naivete, and they are everywhere here. It is unfathomable and very frustrating to me that the information age -- like any age -- has just not caught on here. As long as these people have picked up a Bible once or twice and a magazine or two, they feel that is all the reading they need to do.

This guy's sentiments bring to mind the term "stubborn redneck to the core" -- the term well earned, and he speaks like so many here. It is unfortunate that many people here feel and think like him and express similar opinions, if they have or express any at all. The only way he will learn, if at all, is the hard way -- surviving in a nation run by Bush and then by Arnold as President -- and the others like him will have to suffer as well -- and even then, they will blindly follow a leader and feel themselves to be very patriotic.

Only with a majority of people in a country uninformed and uneducated like this man can a Bush or an Arnold rise to power and stay there and be touted as a hero and be followed by these masses, doing whatever they are told, pushed in any direction, with no thought given, supporting their president, no matter what.

I am put in mind of a prominent scientist and world health figure I once worked with who, when reading something like this, would say in a low voice simply and quietly "Ignorance is a terrible thing."


The convoluted logic demonstrated by that moron of
a journalist criticizing you for speaking out against
making Arnold our future president is as clear as
possible an example of the mental sickness so
pervasive in our mainstream media. My God,it's
becoming clearer and clearer that only the
demented,weakminded or lapdog need apply for any
position of note with the corporate media structure.
Keep up the good work Alex. These traitorous media
whores only reveal to the rest of us just how deranged
they are when they make outrageous comments like that
moron who criticized you.


"How dare you exercise a right to free speech"!

Alex this mentality is endemic and growing everyday. Pretty soon this will be the norm. When half the country 'buys' the fearmongering that spews from our dictator's mouth the acceptance of a facist police state is soon to become a reality. Remember the German's thought Hitlet was an ok guy. We're headed in that direction and unless the other half of the country that is 'awake' do something we are doomed to repeat history. Where do we start? Recounts? Impeachment? It seems like everything is rigged to thier advantage.


hi guys (alex and crew)
I just had to write to say how idiotic that moron was who compared your
anti-arnold movement to the KKK. If they consider you racist because you
are against immigrants becoming president then they need to actually
study the history of this particular immigrant. I am a descendant of
"native Americans" (American Indians) so i guess this moron will have to
imagine me in a white hooded robe (how funny would that be, a brown man
in a kkk robe.) In his words i have a right to free speech because my
ancestors weren't "foreign usurpers". Well then i will exercise that
right when i join your anti-arnold movement, and donate to it.
To all of the REAL patriots i say keep up the good work, and i will
continue as an auxiliary donating my funds to the cause to help the