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Cops say hard drives justify 90 day jail without trial

UK Inquirer | November 2 2005

THE BBC has had two items on its Today programme this morning worthy of note.

An hour ago we had an academic telling us that the British police were ill-educated.

Right now we have a senior cop, Andy Hayman from the Metropolitan Police, telling us on the same radio programme that the 90 days detention without trial it wants is because the amount of information on a hard drive is more than huge piles of paper.

Because of that, the cops need to bang people away for 90 days as they need to sift through the bits and bytes on a hard drive.

As everyone moves to 400GB hard drives soon, shouldn't we instead give the cops the benefit of the doubt and let them bang up people without trial for 180 days.

And in the case of network attached storage, 12 years. If people have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.

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