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Big Brother Is Watching In Local Parks

Fox Carolina | November 8 2005

Turning to technology to keep you safe. It’s happening in one upstate city where officials have now turned to Big Brother to keep a watchful eye on you.

Take a ride through Laurens and you’ll probably notice quite a few changes, from a new park to a miniature golf course. But there’s something else new in Laurens most haven't noticed but are sure glad they're here.

Linnie Bell who goes to the park says, " And to hear the kids playing…all you hear is happy sounds."

It’s the perfect Fall day to practice your swing whether on the golf course or on the swings, regardless of how old, or young you feel. Linda Doty who came to Little River Park in Laurens with her daughter and granddaughter says, "It makes me feel like I’m home..especially with the magnolia trees."

But what most park goers didn’t notice was an eye about ten feet in the sky. Rashin Jones, who was at the park pushing his two little cousins on the swing says, "I didn’t know what it was, I thought it was a light or something." Linnie Bell agrees says, "I did not realize those were cameras right here, I did not."

Those little lamp posts all throughout parks in Laurens are actually cameras recording every move everyone makes, no matter how big or small. Doty says, " I feel safer, somebody’s watching, it’s good to have a back-up."

So although most “big brothers” can seem overbearing, most park goers here say they don’t mind him watching over one bit. Bell says, " I think it’s a wonderful idea. I don’t know how’s idea it is but it’s just wonderful."

The park administrators can actually watch what’s going on at the park right from his office. And the chief of police in Laurens says that soon he can watch everything going on at the park right from his computer.


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