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Weather terror 2: Russia and the rogues

Jerry Mazza | November 8 2005

Thanks to readers (and you know who you are) who supplied new links to valuable information, we find there are more players in the game of weather terror and control than the US with its HAARP system. One prime rival as you might expect is our old Cold War enemy, Russia. And perhaps it is no coincidence that Katrina as well as Ivan are both Russian names.

From the blog of Scott Stevens, a real-life, truth-telling NBC weatherman in Idaho, comes his lead story The Tsunami that was Katrina, posted August 30, 2005, with a storm of information and visual material . . .

Ivan and Katrina

These are both very Russian sounding names. It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960s and 70s with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid. These weather operations continue to this day...

This nation has not faced an economic crisis like the one that Katrina will spark in the days and months ahead. But that is one of the reasons Katrina was absolutely guided along the path that we all watched. This path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and to the psyche of those that remain susceptible to further storms this year and in the years to follow. Oh New Orleans!

I fully expect one more 'event' this year to impact the United States. My gut feeling is that it will be an earthquake/volcanic event with intensity of at least 7.5 in magnitude resulting in insured losses to exceed $25 billion. Where will [it] happen? My gut says the Western United States . . .

The ‘woodpecker grid’ that Scott asks you to Google (and you should to see, hear, and learn about it) is not a bird-catching device. It represents the culmination of a Russian weapons platform operational since 1963.

The ‘woodpecker’ weather operations have been active in Siberia, ironically working from our Bicentennial weekend July 4, 1976, to this day. Its name comes from its woodpecker-like chirping sound on short wave radios in the 3 to 30 Mhz range. Scott Stevens also mentions that this technology evolved out of the work of Tesla Weapons, as in Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), also the discoverer of alternating current, used by both Edison and later Westinghouse, mentioned in my article Is it the weather or government terror, Stevens recaps:

In the 1930s Tesla announced other bizarre and terrible weapons: a death ray, a weapon to destroy hundreds or even thousands of aircraft at hundreds of miles range, and his ultimate weapon to end all war—the Tesla shield, which nothing could penetrate. However, by this time no one any longer paid any real attention to the forgotten great genius. Tesla died in 1943 without ever revealing the secret of these great weapons and inventions.

Unfortunately, today in 1981 the Soviet Union has long since discovered and weaponized the Tesla scalar [as in stairs] wave effects. Here we only have time to detail the most powerful of these frightening Tesla weapons—which Brezhnev undoubtedly was referring to in 1975 when the Soviet side at the SALT talks suddenly suggested limiting the development of new weapons "more frightening than the mind of man had imagined."

The illustration below diagrams how two hidden Scalar Potential Beams, containing electromagnetic energy, can be crisscrossed to create a weather Interference Zone (IZ). The IZ is the area in which the Beams overlap, in which a more or less intense flow of energy can be used to expand, decrease or direct the power of the storm.

The following illustration, from Tom Bearden’s Website, shows how the principle of criss-crossing Scalar Potential beams can create an Interference Zone specifically in some United States location. In such an IZ, a storm could be vastly expanded and also directed by directly adding electromagnetic energy through the criss-crossing Scalar Potential Beams.

The notion is based on the use of ‘scalar potential interferometry,’ in which force fields can be produced at will. It is also based on applying asymmetrical equations to Maxwellian systems of electrodynamics. Western scientists had discarded this way of equating for purely symmetrical regauging, in which there is no NET force field. Unfortunately for us, nature had not discarded the “asymmetrical” system.

In any case, there is much more that’s fascinating to read about ‘scalar potential interferometry’ both in Scott Stevens’ brilliant blog or Tom Bearden’s ground-breaking Website.

Additionally, the science of “scalar interferometry” (production of Electromagnet [EM] fields at a distance) produces voltages to charge a storm, almost for free. In the words of Scott Stevens:

Hence it is quite readily possible–using scalar interferometry already possessed by more than 10 nations and groups–to dramatically enlarge storms and their energy (and therefore the magnitude of a hurricane), and also to use that free asymmetric regauging energy to then do real physical work (including ENORMOUS physical work) to steer, divert, and propel the storm. Speed up and slow down is also readily done.

At the same time, of course, the scalar interferometer operators also will use similar techniques to divert, change, and steer the jet streams and winds in the path or area, so that the exact steering direction desired is easily achieved.

Saddest of all, eminent scientists such as Feynman, Wheeler, Margenau, Bunge and many others have pointed out the glaring falsities being taught in the CEM/EE model and in electrical engineering itself. To no avail. So our own [US] scientific community–sadly–will not practice ethics of science and change what has long been known to be a very seriously flawed and erroneous CEM/EE model taught in all our schools.

In simple language, the Ruskies got the jump on us by thinking out of the symmetrical box. Whether at this time, it is the Russian government or some rogue force, or the Elites applying these principles, even to Wilma, is unclear. Basically, what we seem to have are human forces for good and for no-good actually vying for the direction, force, and destructiveness of these hurricanes. Let me demonstrate from the Captain’s Blog of Richard Hoagland. On the map link, you can see an electro-magnetically generated “tuning fork” form, seemingly able to drain water and power from Wilma. Subsequently, power and water stream back in. Astonished himself, Hoagland writes . . .

 . . . despite what experts tell us, the technology currently exists to actually control the weather—and specifically, nature's most destructive type of storm: the hurricane itself.

And that "someone" has been using this technology this summer "in an undeclared, all-out 'weather war' against the United States" . . . with (after Katrina) disastrous results. . . .

Tonight, we have discovered startling new evidence that we are right in this extraordinary model:

New MIMIC microwave imagery—again, from the University of Wisconsin–of the newly formed Caribbean Tropical Storm, “Wilma.”

The latest image "loop" [this is it] . . . demonstrates an IDENTICAL "red tuning-fork interference signature" seen in a previous Tropical Storm-turned-Hurricane: "Ophelia!"

Here is that archived Ophelia MIMIC loop . . . complete with the same remarkable "tuning fork" interference pattern showing up now in recent "Wilma" images. . . . [be patient which this one because the process unfolds several times over a course of minutes]



Note how Ophelia responds—both in terms of the wind intensity and the literal direction of the storm—when this "tuning fork" pattern first appears.

It is our contention, based on the physics of these images (described at the official University of Wisconsin MIMIC site), that these bizarre "tuning fork" patterns—note, geometrically aimed at the precise centers of these respective storms!—are actually a "rainfall side-effect" of an unseen energy technology being applied to these respective storms . . . in an effort to decrease both their wind velocities, and to simultaneously alter the storms' tracks themselves.

Hoagland’s brackets: [In a future "Captain's Blog," we will lay out the complete physics (as we believe we currently understand it) behind what we are seeing in these astonishing microwave images.]

In the limited space we have here, suffice it to say that in this latest imagery of Wilma we seem to be seeing [ital, Hoagland’s] the first visible effort to reduce the strength of a potential hurricane; what we cannot see in this data, is the application of additional technology (by an "opposing team"), potentially attempting to enhance this same storm . . . Wilma . . . and then move it toward a specific "target" in this undeclared "war."

And so, Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea, the plot seems to be thickening. Hoagland’s blog tracks Wilma and this strange turn of good versus bad manipulative events. May “the force” be with us, at least the one for diminishing hurricanes.

Additionally, posted Wed 19 Oct. 2005, the following is from The World Vision Portal Vision blog, and is an eyewitnesses’ verbal tracking of Wilma, which I quote verbatim from a portion of that blog sent as an email to me . . .

“There are 4-ft. wave swells hitting Ft. Myers Beach in Southwest Florida, yet WILMA is still centered over the Yucatan in Mexico. 4 foot swells are even being seen further north near Tampa. In contrast, waves swells from CHARLEY when it was raging a few short miles off the coast of Southwest Florida were 2–4 ft. I brought up this observation so that readers can clearly understand that WILMA is an EM (electro magnetic) created storm . . . an artificially created weather weapon. These increasing swells from such a long distance away are not typical nor ‘normal’ for such a storm if it were naturally created. The increasing size of the swells over such a long distance is a result of EM pulses, much like shockwaves from an explosion.

“There are ‘defensive’ ELF [Extremely Low Frequency on the bandwidth] tone patterns being emitted north-south over southern Florida this morning along with north-south EM [electro-magnetic] chemtrails This is to create an EM ‘screen wall’ to diminish the force of WILMA as it approaches Florida and crosses over the Atlantic. But once WILMA meets up with the booster system currently near Puerto Rico, it will be re-charged and become a revived killer storm weapon.”

Chemtrails, by the way, are unusually persistent airplane contrails, a cloudlike streamer frequently seen forming behind air craft flying in clear, cold humid air. Except that chemtrails have dire impacts upon weather and the health of those exposed to chemtrail fallout, since they contain aluminum and barium. They have been sighted in many countries and during all hours of the day and night, though chemtrail spraying usually begins early in the morning and slows in the evening. Air crafts involved in this phenomenon are commercial and military planes, the latter identifiable by traveling in areas and directions otherwise restricted for commercial flights.

There is more information on and photos of contrails and chemtrails and project Four-Leaf Clover on Scott Stevens’ blog. Though the Four-Leaf Clover project was designed in 1980, during the Reagan administration, to mitigate greenhouse gases, the gases actually continued to rise. And the program turned out to be something else entirely. Stevens writes . . .

If the accepted purpose of this massive program, where by several hundred aircraft paint the sky with reflective materials daily, is to slow the eventualities of global warming, it must be considered an abject failure! The Earth continues to warm; these extra clouds are keeping nighttime minimum temperatures significantly milder but without sufficiently impacting inbound daytime solar insulation. This doesn't appear to be a healthy trade off. There is no question that additional high clouds are the intention of this activity. But then again I ask why?

I could really take the grim point of view that additional warming is indeed the intent and hence the secrecy surrounding all of this. So much circumstantial evidence points in this direction. The trapped atmospheric heat in time will work its way to the oceans thermal profile/structure; adding to my concerns about the health and longevity of the already weakening North Atlantic thermo cline. Is the controlling Elite working toward the failure of this most important heat transfer mechanism? So much fresh water has already been added to the Western Atlantic via the melt off of Greenland and Eastern Canada. Additionally, we have the frequent and heavy summer rains punctuated by intense late summer and fall tropical storms across the western Atlantic and eastern North America leaving behind additional moisture beyond the typical seasonal rainfall resulting in a freshening of the Gulf Stream waters. These summer rains, including tropical storms, are intentionally manufactured to put down how much water when and where they want it. A great deal of this extra water ends up as runoff and flows straight into the Atlantic Gulf Stream.
Read all about it, and welcome to the future. Like it or not, we are in it, up to and way over our heads. And if this seems too heady, remember it all boils down to those faces you saw in the flood waters of Katrina and other storms, fearful faces, black, brown, yellow or white, of people struggling to stay alive, whether in the Astrodome, on the roofs of their homes, in flooded roadways, wind or water wrecked neighborhoods, beachfront towns, and wrecked cities. What’s more, next time you’re out, look up at the sky for those patterns of contrails or chemtrails. You can be sure they are there, with their reflecting grid of aluminum and barium particles reflecting the sun and helping to drive global warming. It only points to the need to drive all the weather manipulators out, and take possession of our skies again.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer residing in New York. Reach him at

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