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Hotel Bombings: Early Evidence Indicates State Terror

Paul Joseph Watson | November 15 2005

The triple blasts that killed 57 and wounded 90 people at the Radisson, Grand Hyatt and Day Inn hotels last week raise very suspicious questions as to who was really behind the attack.

The LA Times and Haaretz both reported that Israelis were evacuated from the Radisson hotel before the blasts occurred.

Amos N. Guiora, a former senior Israeli Defense Force official, told the Tehran Times that his sources also warned him of the imminent attack. He was quoted as saying, "It means there was excellent intelligence that this thing was going to happen."

"The question that needs to be answered is why weren't the Jordanians working at the hotel similarly removed?"

One of the apparent suicide bombers was known to have been in US custody in November 2004.

Safaa Mohammed Ali was released in Fallujah after it was determined he didn't pose a threat.

The images of the aftermath of the bombings at the Hyatt and the Radisson completely contradict the official version of events.

The photo above shows damage at the Radisson hotel. The bomb has clearly blown the ceiling down as if it was placed in the roof of the building. This image does not support the notion of a bomb strapped to a suicide bombers chest.

Similarly, this image taken from the Hyatt bombing again shows the roof blown and the debris hanging down. Furthermore, there is no blood at the scene. This would obviously be evident if this was the work of a suicide bomber.

Original Reuters reports state that the bombs were placed in false ceilings. The story then later changed after the Iraqi patsy women was paraded on worldwide television, bombs freshly re-strapped to her chest, and used as a link to justify a continued presence in Iraq.

Establishment media coverage of the bombings has taken on its usual blinkered and agenda driven tone. News anchors and politicians openly brag that this is 'an opportunity' and that it 'helps the US' in the PR war against the Iraqi resistance.

Why would Al-Zarqawi mastermind a plot that would severely damage his support base amongst Sunni Jordanians?

A quote I heard on Fox News yesterday, "bombs in hotels with names like those in major American cities," another blatant act of fearmongering and an attempt to bring the shock and terror home.

The demonstrations that received lavish media attention in Jordan are another strong indication that we are seeing a script unfold here.

Jordan is a total dictatorship and a police state. Any demonstrations have to be approved of by the government and organized by the government.

This is why footage of the protest showed Jordanians holding the same screen printed poster of King Abdullah as shown in the photos below.

This was nothing more than a pro-government protest. The Jordanian government is a client state of the US and its intelligence agency and security forces are completely controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Al-Zarqawi's website claim of responsibility came as no surprise. The tooth fairy could get on an Internet message board and claim responsibility, anyone could. Such claims are taken with a pinch of salt in light of previous examples of outright hoaxes.

Both professors and terrorism experts have now gone on record to assert that Al-Zarqawi is a US created myth. As the imaginary head of the Iraqi resistance, whenever something big blows up Al-Zarqawi takes responsibility and the resistance loses credibility.

In this instance we are not lending support to the resistance or the occupational government, just pointing out the fact that the counterfeit Al-Zarqawi is being used as a tool of black propaganda. However, it goes beyond a PR campaign when innocent people are being ripped limb from limb in their hotel rooms.

Just six days after the bombing the motive is clear and the evidence is plentiful. This was another false flag operation and a desperate attempt to re-invigorate support behind a deepening chasm in Iraq.

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