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Former CIA Chief Calls Cheney 'Vice President For Torture'

Paul Joseph Watson | November 19 2005

Former CIA boss Stansfield Turner joined a growing army of credible individuals both in and out of government when he lambasted the Bush administration's use of torture.

During an interview with ITN News turner stated,

"It's the vice president who is out there advocating torture. He's the one who has made himself the vice president in favor of torture."

"We military people don't want future military people who are taken prisoner by other countries to be subjected to torture in the name of doing just what the United States does."

Turner said that the open embrace of torture was an embarrassment to the US.

Bush and Cheney are trying to insert an amendment into legislation that would completely outlaw torture. The amendment would make the CIA immune from the law.

Recently, former Abu Ghraib General Janis Karpinsky went public to directly finger Donald Rumsfeld as the architect of a worldwide torture program.

Karpinski identified the masterminds of the torture policy as occupying the highest rungs of the Bush administration.

"The orders came right from the top, filtered down from the secretary of defense, with the endorsement of the President, the Vice President, whatever advisors are surrounding them, filtered down through the Commanders in the field, these practices were not only endorsed, but were in use at Guantanamo bay and in locations in Afghanistan. And when General Miller visited Iraq he brought those techniques with him. And then he sent contract interrogators who had 'performed well' at Guantanamo Bay to Iraq as well."

Former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently said the government was in the hands of torturing psychopaths.

Roberts outlined his conviction that the torture program was not set up to gain any kind of real information from accused detainees because torture is renowned for extracting useless and false information. The real reason for the torture is to make the terrorists implicate themselves and thus create the perception of an Al-Qaeda threat.

Roberts said that the CIA was aware that the vast majority of detainees are not terrorists, proven by the fact that Pakistani gangsters admitted to rounding up innocent people in street sweeps and selling them to the US government as terrorists for anything up to $25,000. These people are now at Guantanamo Bay.

Roberts pointed out that only nine so-called terrorists have been brought to trial and none have been convicted. Why do individuals have to be held for four years without trial if there is proof that they can be convicted with? Army interrogators have gone public with their frustrations that these people are obviously not terrorists but they are still ordered to keep them. Images of mass ranks of terrorists are pure lies on the part of the insane Neo-Cons.

A recent PBS documentary highlighted the case of Brig. Gen. Rick Baccus, a former Commander at Guantanamo Bay, who was fired for refusing to torture detainees.

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