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Madonna's 9/11 Comments Underline Danger Of Political Celebrity Bandwagon

Paul Joseph Watson | November 22 2005

In one sense it's a positive development, Bush-bashing has reached an all time high of 'trendyness'.

Hollywood celebrities are falling over one another in the scramble to give their two cents about recent events. It has turned into a bandwagon.

While some may view a cultural climate of government cynicism as healthy for American freedom, its artificial sheen disguises underlying dangers for the information war.

In a Rolling Stone interview for the December issue, it was Madonna's turn to hop aboard.

"9/11 was too ambiguous," she tells the magazine. "You couldn't prove how the government was somehow in on the deal. There were too many arguments against it. You could say, 'Oh, that's just Michael Moore,' 'Oh, that's just hearsay.' New Orleans was undeniable irresponsibility."

Madonna is a hypocrite and she changes political stances as often as her image. She adopts whatever sells. That makes good business sense, but don't for a second exalt her as some crusader for truth.

Madonna was the forerunner of phony neo-Nationalism (worship of government) in the wake of 9/11. Her flag worship during concerts made it acceptable for the rest of the fake Hollywood liberals to jump on the bandwagon.

Britney Spears soon followed.

For Madonna to say that 9/11 was ambiguous and that government involvement could not be proven reinforces the hollow limited hangout of the impotent left-wing Michael Moore school of whitewashing.

It props up the zeitgeist that 9/11 was a result of bumbling incompetence at best. The deliberate controlled demolition of Building 7 alone disproves that fraud, not to mention thousands of other pieces of damning evidence.

One of Madonna's more recent contributions to popular culture was the creation of the world's first ever all homosexual soap.

As soon as Hillary Clinton strolls into the Oval Office in 2008 Hollywood will flip back into its big government adulation of a Democrat in the White House and Madonna will lead the charge. Again this underlines the fraud at hand. Hollywood big government liberals should love Bush as he has presided over the biggest expansion of government ever seen in America.

For celebrities to engage in Bush-bashing and not educate the public on the wider control mechanisms of the system helps the Globalists. It feeds the myth that Bush is in control and is not just a puppet. We're talking about a man who has to ask permission to use the bathroom.

The New World Order will simply burn Bush, install a different brand of puppet and the agenda will steamroll on.

To conclude on a positive note, although naming no names, there are several very high profile actors and film producers who are well aware of the entire New World Order agenda and have directed their artistic talents into exposing that agenda through the guidance of popular culture.

This is a real movement and it is growing, unlike the Madonna's and their ilk, who are simply riding a wave which will wash away as rapidly as their mock ego-driven political opinions.

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