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Nuke Papers Make Not a Nuke

Kurt Nimmo | November 24 2005

If I was Iranian, I’d want my government to develop nukes. Of course, wanting to develop nukes and actually having the capacity to do so are two different things. Now the so-called European Union, a sort of miniaturized version of world government, has declared Iran is in possession of documents “that serve no other purpose than showing how to produce nuclear warheads,” according to Rediff. Of course, possession of such documents and the ability to actually build a nuke or two different things. No doubt a Goggle Search would turn up similar documents.

As experts on such things note, building a nuke is a daunting task—even a crude, bulky, low-yield nuclear weapon is difficult to make and takes years. But never mind. Bush’s neocons, working for the Zionists, and now the effete EU, want us to believe Iran is working steadily toward a nuke and the crazy Iranian Islamic government, on the day after a bomb is finished, will use it against the infidels, especially against the Jews in Israel, as we know it is the sworn duty of every Muslim to push the Israeli Jews into the sea (and also convert the rest of us to Islam).

Considering the fantasies and realities of the neocon cut-out Bush, if I was Iranian I’d want my government to develop and deploy a nuke. As a recent example of the psychopathology and murderous warmongering of Bush, consider the fact he wanted to bomb the Doha, Qatar headquarters of al-Jazeera. Bust revealed his sick wish to Tony Blair last year. “David Keogh, a former Cabinet Office official, has been charged under the secrets act with sending the memo on the Blair-Bush conversation to Leo O ‘Connor, researcher to the former Labor MP Tony Clarke,” reports the Guardian. Of course, the fact Bush wanted to attack a satellite TV station in a foreign country and kill innocent civilians is not considered news in the United States.

Recall, back in 2003, John Bolton, then Undersecretary of State, told Ariel Sharon “that he had no doubt America would attack Iraq, and that it would be necessary thereafter to deal with threats from Syria, Iran and North Korea,” Harretz reported at the time. Mission accomplished in Iraq, the United States is now looking for a suitable pretext to invade (or at least bomb) Iran. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or nuke scientist) to figure out the plans of the neocons. No doubt the Iranians listened when the grand daddy of the Straussian neocons, Norman Podhoretz, said last August: “Like anybody else in the world who is sane, I am very much worried by Iran gaining nuclear capacity. I am not advocating an invasion of Iran at this moment, although I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it happened.”

Of course, the neocons know better than to attack North Korea—because it is generally assumed they have a few nukes and the North Koreans have indicated they will use them if the Bushcons attack. Iran wants to do the same thing and the neocons and the Likudite Israelis know this. If Iran gets a nuke (and that’s an awful big “if,” considering the technical hurdles), the United States will not invade the country, as they will not invade or attack North Korea. In short, possession of a nuke will more or less guarantee the peace.

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