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'Tomorrow Never Dies' Bond Film Featured New World Order Theme

Joseph Skelton/Prison Planet | November 25 2005

Here we have another ‘in your face’ example of popular culture moving into ‘art imitating life’ mode. The film is 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ which was the 18th film in the widely popular James Bond franchise.

The plot of this one is basically – in traditional 007 movie format – that we have the villain who is an aspiring Globalist ‘media mogul’ and whom plots to gain more control via his own news regional network, of the more central world media market.

Of course if you’re a Bond villain, you have to have some kind of ‘Ace up your sleeve’. That plan is to provoke a war between China and the UK by staging a series of naval based attacks in which both sides would be attacked by the other, thinking that they were actually on the defensive.

Staged attacks? Who would do such a thing? Available for download are two short clips, which basically speak to this agenda.

To top it all off, we have some really ‘in your face’ pieces of dialogue as you will hear from the clips. Quotes from William Randalph Hearst, even the dreaded phrase ‘New World Order’ is used by the villain in context with the big plan, just before the final showdown.

Clip 1/Clip 2

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