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Dutch Prince doll with Nazi uniform goes on sale

Washington Post / Walter Pincus | November 27 2005

Comment: The Dutch Royal Family are of course directly related to the English Royal family and high ranking Bilderberg members

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch cartoonist has created a paper doll of the late Prince Bernhard, the German-born father of Dutch Queen Beatrix, which can be dressed in 30 costumes including the black uniform of Adolf Hitler's elite SS guard.

Prince Bernhard, who died last year at the age of 93, was a member of the Nazi party before marrying Dutch Queen Juliana in 1937. He later fled the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands for England, where he flew Spitfires for the Allies.

"People here accept his history," said illustrator Erik Varekamp.

The book has sparked little angry reaction from the Netherlands' many monarchists.

Other costumes which come in a cut-out book with the doll include a dressing gown and cravat, hunting breeches, safari suit and the batik shirt worn on a state visit to Indonesia.

"Bernhard was always very well dressed. He was a dandy who liked uniforms," said Varekamp.



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