Where Was The Outcry After Bush's Iraq Joke?
Kerry savaged for hinting joining army not such a smart move when a Bush is in office, no one battered an eyelid when decider-in-chief guffawed and giggled over 655,000 dead Iraqis and nearly 3,000 dead troops

By Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

A quip by John Kerry in which he told a young audience that securing a good education would avoid them getting "stuck in Iraq" has been seized upon by Republican attack dogs as election fodder. The Senator's comment killed nobody but when Bush joked about not finding WMD in Iraq, he was making light of 655,00 dead victims and nearly 3,000 dead troops - but the media barely battered an eyelid and Bush never apologized.

White House propagandist Tony Snow, taking the bait from a fellow Fox News alumni, waxed lyrical today about how Kerry should immediately apologize for his comments, hours after he had already done so.

House Majority Leader and predator Foley protectionist John Boehner promised Fox News' Jon Gibson he would "beat Kerry to death" if he didn't apologize for his joke. When Gibson asked Boehner how long the issue could rumble on and if it could impact the election, Boehner replied, "maybe long enough."

Keith Olbermann and a Washington Post reporter were in no doubt that the entire farce was a distraction and a desperate last gasp campaign ploy that was deliberately manufactured by the GOP. They pointed out what any rational thinking person could deduce from Kerry's comments - that he was attacking the foundation and prosecution of the war, not the mental capacity of those unfortunate enough to be there fighting it.

But where was the outcry when George W. Bush chuckled and guffawed at the fact that his administration concocted the most lurid propaganda since Joseph Goebbels and used it to deceive the American people into acquiescing to a never-ending war that has destroyed a nation and left hundreds of thousands dead and destitute?

Where was Bush's apology after he ridiculed the supposed purpose, mission and raison d'etre of nearly 3,000 mother's sons who marched to war on a tissue of lies and came back in flag-draped coffins?

At the 60th annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association in March 2004, Bush narrated a slideshow of images that showed him puzzled looking around the Oval Office, under tables and behind doors.

"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere," he mused.

"No, no weapons over there."

"Maybe under here?," Bush chuckled as fat vacuous Republican stooges in the audience smacked their lips amidst fits of laughter and applause for their gracious leader.

Two and a half years later and Bush has failed to apologize for his WMD joke, failed to admit the error of his ways in giving a one finger salute to the crying wives, mothers and daughters who never saw their heroes return home.

Recall also what elitist luminary and still reputed Bush advisor Henry Kissinger said about the troops.

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

That sums up the entire attitude of the Neo-Con overlords and their arrogance in sacrificing human lives on a whim for an imperial agenda but then crying wolf when Kerry merely hints at the fact that joining the army may not be such a bright idea when a Bush is in office.




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