GOP Spins Exit Polls Ahead Of Vote Fraud
Pre-empting dirty tricks allegations, Republicans debunk historically accurate forecasts

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

In the early hours of voting on the mid-term elections, the GOP is already trying to spin exit polls in order to lessen suspicions surrounding expected attempts at vote fraud that will emerge later today.

The official GOP website carries a red banner headline in capital letters warning of the misleading nature of exit polls and the claim that, "Election Experts Believe Exit Polls Give An Edge And Sway Towards Democrat Candidates."

The truth is that exit polls are historically accurate, except in instances of major presidential and mid-term elections where vote fraud artificially sways the result afterwards.

"Prior to 2000, no one even debated the accuracy of exit polls. Scholars, practitioners and critics all agreed. In 1987, Washington Post columnist David Broder wrote that exit polls "are the most useful analytic tool developed in my working life." Political scientists George Edwards and Stephen Wayne, in their book "Presidential Leadership: Politics and Policy," put it this way: "The problems with exit polls lie in their accuracy (rather than inaccuracy). They give the press access to predict the outcome before the elections have been concluded," writes Salon's Steven F. Freeman.

The Republicans are trying to get ahead of the game by debunking exit polls because they are overwhelmingly likely to predict huge Democrat landslides. When these forecasts are not matched by the actual result, Republicans can deflect concerns about vote fraud by falsely claiming exit polls have always been unreliable.

Karl Rove's agenda is to at least make up the numbers to get key races lose and let the CIA run electronic voting machines do the rest.





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