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Will Democrats repeal and impeach or salute and follow? Mobbed-up establishment sycophant Nancy Pelosi is nobody's savior, as sacrificial lamb Rumsfeld steps down

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Democrats have swept the House and the Senate may well follow but did 7/11 really herald the defeat of the Neo-Con agenda or will establishment sycophants like Nancy Pelosi hijack and misdirect legitimate discontent and shield Bush from impeachment while blocking efforts to repeal legislation he passed?

Pelosi is widely tipped to become speaker of the house but she is already on the record as saying that no impeachment proceedings against President Bush, whether it be for deliberately lying a nation into war or being complicit in 9/11, will take place.

"Impeachment is off the's a is a waste of time," Pelosi told 60 Minutes recently.

In effect Pelosi is giving the Neo-Cons a blank check to send thousands more American soldiers to their deaths and conduct untold further egregious assaults on the Constitution over the next two years.

If George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are allowed to tear apart the very fabric of America without consequences then what is to stop a President Hillary Clinton or John McCain doing the same?

There's no doubt about it, to see frothing Neo-Cons who have been strutting around like John Wayne for the past five years finally eat humble pie is a breath of fresh air, but let's not be so deluded as to think that the Neo-Con agenda, which took decades to craft, was simply brushed aside by the victory of a party that has supported Bush every step of the way on major issues.

Nancy Pelosi voted for the war in Afghanistan, for the Patriot Act, for Homeland Security and against a bill that simply condemned torture of prisoners in Iraq. Pelosi is the pro-torture "savior" who we are told will keep in check the pro-torture Bush administration.

As blogger Kurt Nimmo points out, "Making Bush and Cheney—that is to say, the neocons—lame ducks will add a jolt of adrenalin to the neocon plan to decimate the Muslim and Arab Middle East, lest the neolib faction, under a Democrat president and Congress, go back to its old ways, that is, instead of mass murdering Iranians in one fell swoop, imposing the sort of sanctions levied against Iraq under Clinton, resulting in the slow death of 1.5 million Iraqis, 500,000 of them children."

"We can only hope, when the day finally arrives, Nancy Pelosi will be paraded before the world in her stylish orange jumpsuit, along with Bush, Cheney, and the vile neocons."

As is to be expected, her record on immigration is horrible, in almost every case Pelosi has opposed legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants from abusing rights only afforded to American citizens under the U.S. constitution.

Gun Owners of America, a real organization dedicated to defending second amendment rights unlike the co-opted NRA, gave Pelosi zero per cent two years running for her record on gun control and she routinely scores an F minus, the lowest possible approval rating.

Will the now advanced plan to decimate US sovereignty and impose tracking and taxation controls on vehicle travel across the country under the NAFTA Superhighway be reversed under a Democrat House and Senate? No.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, the main bulwark preventing the creation of the North American Union, is routinely attacked by leading Democrats such as Pelosi and Rangel.

After Chavez called Bush the devil at his UN speech Pelosi branded Chavez a "thug," which is quite rich considering Pelosi's mobbed-up father, Thomas D'Alessandro, let the Mafia have free reign over Baltimore in the 1940's after he was elected as Mayor.

Will the Military Commissions Act, the very bill that effectively nullifies nine of the ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution be repealed under a Democrat House and Senate? Time will tell but it seems highly unlikely.

Will the army of surveillance cameras that have invaded American streets via Homeland Security grants be curtailed under a Democrat House and Senate? If anything big government and Big Brother will only get bigger.

Will increased pressure be heaped upon Bush to bring American troops home from Iraq, save the isolated echoes of dissent from lone dissidents like Murtha? No, and if Hillary Clinton rides the wave of Bush discontent all the way into the Oval Office, she has already promised to expand the so-called war on terror.

Will an independent investigation into the Bush administration's complicity in 9/11 be ordered under a Democratic House and Senate? No - and the same goes for lying about pre-war Iraq intelligence - Pelosi has already brazenly proclaimed that Neo-Con war criminals will have safe passage.

Pelosi is an obedient adherent to the phony doctrines of the "war on terror" and her recent comments that “The war in Iraq is making it harder for America to fight and win the war on terror,” only go to show that she disagrees on the minutia of where the troops should be on the map, not whether they should be there at all.

The worst case scenario, that the mid-terms would provide an endorsement of illegal eavesdropping, torture, imperial hegemony and the revoking of the bill of rights, has thankfully not been realized. The American people have rejected the Neo-Con agenda and dealt it a symbolic blow.

Donald Rumsfeld has been offered up as the sacrificial lamb and top Neo-Con architects have abandoned Bush.

All the more reason for the elite to re-arrange the deck chairs and give an enflamed electorate a safe steam valve and a token victory before the fun really begins after 2008, meanwhile the same policies of big government, Big Brother, crackdown on dissent, destruction of sovereignty, and occupation of sovereign nations will continue - all under the stewardship of hierarchy brownnoser Nancy Pelosi.





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